So, is your Free Plan really, truly, completely 100% Free?
The answer is Yes. Our Single User Edition is permanently free, no strings attached and no purchase required.

What exactly do I get for free?

  • Free Single User Edition
  • Complete Practice Management System
  • Guaranteed to replace any paid system
  • Permanently free, no purchase required
  • HIPAA Secure, Fortune 500 Technology
  • No Ads. No data mining. No alliance with Big-Pharma
  • Easily Upgrade to Affordable Paid Editions
  • Complete Training for you and your staff
  • Awesome Customer Dedication and Support

In our free version you can schedule patients, bill electronically, generate patient statements––in fact every necessity required to run your practice is standard in the free edition. We have thousands of small practices and solo practitioners who exclusively use our free edition to run their practice––and love it.

Well then, where’s the catch?
There’s no catch. We make money the old fashioned way –we earn it.

It’s too good to be true. 
Ahh, but alas ’tis true.  The ‘Free-mium‘ software model is actually not new at all; for years now software makers like Turbo-Tax have offered free versions of their software understanding that as people’s needs become increasingly complex they naturally upgrade to the features they require, but it was the free version that won them over.

If the software is free, how do you make money?
In addition to our Free Plan, we also offer a Premium Edition for busy practices, and an Enterprise Edition for large groups and institutions. For instance, groups and multi-provider practices tend to quickly upgrade to our multi-user editions.

What are the Benefits to Me?

  • Every bare essential required to run your practice is free.
  • You get a fully functional medical billing software with a free clearinghouse account that allows you to submit an ample amount of commercial claims each month
  • You get a flexible robust patient scheduler with advanced features such as flexible appointment times, double-and-triple booking, and the ability to color code dedicated blocks of time.
  • In our free version you receive complete training for you and your staff
  • There’s no sales process, no sales people, no commitment
  • And there are no annoying ads and no sharing of practice information to Big-Data.

What’s Not Free?
In our free version, commercial claims are free, but claims to State and Federal Payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, Tri-care, and Railroad require an ordinary clearinghouse account. We don’t control which clearinghouse you subscribe to.


How can free Practice Management Software be any good?
People often wonder whether because it free, maybe it’s not that good, but our free version is a comprehensive and a complete Practice Management system with unmatched revenue cycle management features that automate the entire patient-to-pay revenue cycle, and that streamline your entire practice to make it less error prone and more efficient. Many of the top facilities in the country use our Enterprise Edition to run vast billing departments of University Medical Centers and large group practices. Because your task is mission critical, so is our software.

Sign up for a free account today and decide for yourself whether our Free Plan is:

  • Better than Medisoft
  • Better than Lytec
  • Better than Kareo
  • Better than AdvancedMD

What about ongoing Support?

We understand that changing a billing system in a busy practice is akin to replacing an engine in a running car, and that’s why awesome support is included with every edition––including our free edition. For us, customer service is so paramount that when a claim or support issue goes unresolved for more than 48 hours, the matter is escalated directly to the attention of our CEO. In short, we’re fanatical about support––read the testimonials.

How long have you been around?
PracticeSuite released its first Practice Management System in January, 2004. Today, debt free and led by a seasoned management team, over 26,000 healthcare professionals and their staff, ranging from solo practitioners to Medical Centers like NYUMC, use Practice-Suite to manage their practice, insurance billing, patient billing, collections and recovery – a single vender with a comprehensive suite to automate your entire practice.

You make money by serving ads, right?
No. Our Free Version is not at the cost of your privacy, nor of your practice data privacy, a responsibility that we take seriously.

Getting Started
Our Free Plan is a perfect way to begin cost-free in an All-In-One end to end system that grows with you as your business grows. A single system, a single vender, a single database, from a single trusted source. As your needs grow, we have valuable Add-On features to enhance your practice and take it to the next level.

Create a Free Account today and discover first hand all the benefits of using PracticeSuite. We believe you’ll become a fan for life!