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Like no other software, PracticeSuite puts you in control of day-to-day financial operations with features like Drill-down Financial Reporting, Cash-Flow-Blockage Reporting, and KPI Reporting that displays the financial health of your entire enterprise in a single click.

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PracticeSuite’s Medical Billing Software can be accessed immediately to allow for a quick and easy setup – no hardware, no downloads and no waiting period.

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PracticeSuite’s All-in-One, whole practice solution is built on the cloud. This allows us to provide practice administrators and billing services secure and convenient access to revenue management tools, at any time and from any connected device.

Great Customer Care

PracticeSuite’s Customer Care Department is always on hand to assist with any questions you might have. Simply call our customer care line, email us, or chat live.

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Better Revenue Cycle Management Through Better Technology

PracticeSuite is one of the few fully integrated end–to–end cloud based practice management systems available today. Our affordable pricing is unmatched, but more importantly, it is quality customer care and high client satisfaction that set us apart from the rest. Additionally, our RCM Dashboard Reporting is without equal in the industry and our PULSE MONEY MONITOR system alerts you of revenue leaks before they occur.

Remarkable Financial Controls

Drill-down reporting puts you in control of your finances like never before.

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Practice Profitably

Find out why billing companies, large enterprises, and savvy practice administrators love this software

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Find Missing Revenue

View 19 Revenue Cycle Management reports that your current software does not have

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Reconciliation Reports

Reconcile superbills, charges, and end of day patient pay with precision and accuracy

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Plug Revenue Leaks

Receive alerts that allow you to prevent revenue leaks before they occur

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Front Office Management

Organizing your front office with the right tools is the secret to running a successful practice

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We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how affordable the #1 rated medical billing software really is.

We understand that not all medical practices are the same. Whether it be multi-specialty, multiple locations, or complex billing scenarios, we’ve got you covered.


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