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  • Recoup Lost Revenue due to Unpaid Claims (especially > 120/180 days)
  • Review Ways to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Referrals
  • Strategies for Increasing Revenue for Routine Appointments
    and Pro-Active Patient Outreach

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BAA Compliance – 3 Definitive Questions to Determine Your Risk

BAA Compliance – 3 Definitive Questions to Determine Your Risk

The aim of the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) is to safeguard the privacy of sensitive medical information. The practice of medicine has changed a lot in the two decades since HIPAA’s passage, and it’s not always clear what lengths an office needs to take to avoid violation and comply with requirements. Data breaches arising from lost or stolen devices such as laptops containing PHI are not the only cause for recently harsh fines, accelerating both in rate...

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