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  • Benchmark Your Reimbursement Rates and Claim Efficiency Against Peers
  • Review the Revenue Impact of No Show and Cancelled Appointments
  • Identify Lost Revenue due to Patient Balances (especially > 90 days)
  • Recoup Lost Revenue due to Unpaid Claims (especially > 120/180 days)
  • Review Ways to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Referrals
  • Strategies for Increasing Revenue for Routine Appointments
    and Pro-Active Patient Outreach

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7 Best Prior Authorization Solutions: HEI Global Health

7 Best Prior Authorization Solutions: HEI Global Health

2019 Best Prior Authorization Solutions: HEI Global Health In our prior authorization review of the best solutions for 2019, we’ve ranked seven vendors as the top options to help physician practices automate and speed up pre-authorization for their patients. Fifth on our list of top 7 prior authorization solutions for 2019 is HEI. Here, we provide an in depth review of our #4 choice HEI Global Health Prior Authorization Solution Pros of HEI Authorizations can be worked manually or electronically based on individual...

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