Collections Workbench – Pursuing Revenue

But when you have denials to appeal here’s what PracticeSuite can do:

Denial Management

  • ERA auto-posts denials and under payments
  • For manual EOB/payment, enter $0 payments with 5010 compliant denial codes
  • Run Denial Reports
  • Denials get posted to collectors in Collections/Follow-up workbench
  • Complete end-to-end workflow to track follow-up and collections activities
  • Run Reimbursement Analysis Report to compare under payments against contract schedule
  • Small balances can be written-off or adjusted through Mass Adjustment Module with custom defined or pre-defined adjustment codes

Installments/Payment Plan Management

  • Easily schedule patient payment plans
  • Easy access to View/Print payment plan activities
  • Easy access to print letters to patient on payment plan screen
  • Patients on Payment Plan are excluded from statements cycle
  • List / View all Patients added to the Payment Plan
  • Print/View payment plan details

Statement Management

  • Generate Statements using robust and flexible criteria
  • Unique identifier for each statement
  • Easy access to snapshots of each statement
  • Complete Statement History with details
  • Print patient friendly statements
  • Customizable downloadable format for third-party printing
  • Easy access to statement history
  • Print statement from Scheduler & Patient Ledger
  • Easy access to Last Statement Date and Last Payment date from Ledger
  • Print Statement by Guarantor (Individual/Entity)
  • Search and Post Patient Payments by Statement #number
  • Complete audit trail of statements: View, Export and Print
  • Multiple print formats to choose from

Pre-Collections Management

  • Ability to transfer patients to Pre-Collection status
  • Ability to generate Precollections Letters
  • Pre-Collection patients are excluded from statements cycle
  • Easy access to view and print patients in Pre-Collections status
  • Downloadable format for third-party printing
  • Configure alerts easily

Write Off Management

  • Predefined and custom defined write-off types
  • Standard contractual v/s other write offs are entered and tracked separately
  • Write-offs at line level for granular tracking
  • Write-off reporting (Detailed and Summary)
  • Capitated HMO claims are written-off automatically after successful submission