Medical Billing Software for Institutional Billing

Handling the complexity of billing facility-services separate from professional services requires software that can efficiently produce the CMS-1450 claim form and manage the electronic submission to ensure prompt and proper reimbursement. PracticeSuite’s medical billing software has the easy to use UB-04 capabilities you need at an affordable price!

Specialized charge entry mirrors the CMS 1450 form
for completeness and efficiency.
Flexible organization structure settings to meet
institutional billing requirements.
Adjustable fee schedules to guard against
insurance underpayment.
Easily track and document prior authorizations for
covered diagnoses and procedures.
Enhanced dashboards give insights on
speed-to-payment and revenue performance.

The 100% cloud-based medical billing software makes reports, dashboards, and all revenue activities available from internet connected devices.

Popular UB-04 Software Features

Insurance Verification

Automatically Verify Patient
Eligibility for Coverage Before
Each Visit.

Authorization Tracking

Monitor How Many Sessions Remain
Based on Coverage Limits from
Prior Authorizations.

Collection Manager

Quickly Determine which UB-04
Claims Need Further Action to
Ensure Timely Filing and Payment.

CMS 1450 Charge Entry

Purpose-built Charge Entry Creates
Efficiency and Reduces Errors
Through the Unique Design.

Customized Fee Schedules

Easily Set Medicare Fees
and Guard Against

Performance Reporting

Identify Areas of Good and Poor
Performance Across the Revenue
Cycle to Ensure Maximum Revenue.

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Achieving UB-04 Billing Success

A comprehensive guide for understanding UB-04, mastering the UB-04 CMS 1450 Form, and
understanding critical components of Institutional billing.