Flexible medical billing software and EDI connectivity options give your medical practice tools to improve reimbursement, shorten the time to get paid, and make it easier to manage denials.

Eligibility Solution

  • 100% Free Eligibility Verification Options
  • Affordable Expansion Plans for BCBS, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and Railroad
  • On-Demand Pre-Visit and Point of Service Verification
  • Batch Pre-Visit Verification
  • Unlimited Verification Plans Available

Claims Solutions

  • 100% Free Electronic Claims Options
  • Embedded, Real-time Claim Status
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) with Auto-Posting
  • Denial and Appeals Worklists
  • Electronic Secondary
  • Special High-Volume Transaction Plans

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What Others are Saying

PracticeSuite has nice reports, it is easy to review your A/R to see what claims are still outstanding/not paid for follow up. The reports assist to avoid timely filing which is critical to my RCM/Billing Service clients. PracticeSuite is easy to use, patient statements are very easy and quick to generate, and the support from the PracticeSuite team is wonderful.”

Jessica Taylor

Owner, Taylor Billing Services

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Clearinghouse Networks

Already Have A Clearinghouse?

With PracticeSuite’s connectivity to many of the national clearinghouses, we make the transition to the medical billing software straightforward. If you already have an EDI provider, speak to our team about connecting your current clearinghouse to ProcticeSuite without the hassel of re-enrolling. Most often, a routine vendor change request form will help make the connection. And, best of all, no more downloading and uploading claim files!

Need an Embedded Clearinghouse?

To streamline your workflow, an embedded clearinghouse house connection does real-time claim status inquiries directly within your medical billing software without the need to open your web browser and navigate to an insurance payer portal to check on your claim. PracticeSuite’s advanced, embedded clearinghouse capabilities are available with RelayHealth.

What to Do During Clearinghouse Transitions?

If you presently have an EDI Provider, continue using the service while making the transition. This helps prevent disruptions in your workflow and delays in your revenue. Meanwhile, our team will work with you on enrolling (if necessary) and transitioning your ERA workflow.