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Practice Management Hacks

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Practice Management Hacks

Top Medical Office Managers Offer Their Smartest Tricks for Success

Our Top 15 Medical Office Management Hacks For 2018

– Cloud based. Access from anywhere
– Complete end-to-end system
– 155 specialties supported
– Free single user edition
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– What to measure
– How to measure
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– What practice managers need to know about reducing costly scheduling conflicts
– What practice managers need to know about purchasing medical appointment scheduling software

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  1. Train your staff
  2. Know your State’s collection laws
  3. Use a software that offers a robust collections workbench (Collections workbench features)
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Hack #5. Communicate with your patients – not just about money
  1. Establish routine cadence of communication with your patients
  2. Avoid your only communication being about balances or statements
  3. Avoid communication that is only trying to get them to schedule an appointment
  4. Expand the ways you communicate with patients including social media outreach and targeted ads
  5. 93% of patients prefer email communication, making reaching out to them and staying connected much easier
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  1. A no brainer for any brick and mortar practice
  2. Specify specific aspects of your practice – such as business hours
  3. Link to areas of your website
  4. Express why you are different
  5. What doctors need to know about online patient reviews
  6. What doctors need to know about online reputation management
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  1. It is unbelievable how many practices do not electronically check eligibility
  2. Check upon initial patient registration and appointment booking
  3. Check prior to visit
  4. Check on date of visit
  5. Check before claim is submitted (if there is more than a 3 day delay)
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  1. Document contract rates for each major insurance payer
  2. Document your practice’s standard “Usual and Customary Fee Schedule”
  3. Use dashboards or reporting tools to monitor the difference between payment amounts received and contract rates
  4. Know if you are victim to underpayments and by which insurance company
  5. 11% underpayment is not uncommon
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  1. Identify the critical month end reports for your practice
  2. Typically include reports such as- Total Charges & Payments by Month
    – Charges/Payments/Adjustments by Financial Class
    – Monthly Charges by POS
    – Monthly Charges by Rendering Provider
    – Monthly Charges by Payor
    – Monthly Charges by POS
    – Monthly Charges by Service Location
    – Monthly Payments by Service Location
    – Monthly Payments by TOS
    – Monthly Payments by POS
    – Monthly Payments by Rendering Provider
    – Graphs/Dashboard
  3. Use software that will automatically produce these practice management reports
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  1. Texts get exponentially greater views and interaction that phone calls or emails
  2. Text messages help reduce no-shows and cancellations by reminding patients the day before
  3. Text messages should include information about outstanding patient balances
  4. Prompts patient to pay and/or call to reschedule
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  1. 92% of physicians use unsecure texting to discuss patients with medical staff
  2. Smartphones are the most convenient means of communication, especially for doctors on the go
  3. Doctors and staff need easy ways to quickly exchange messages – to individuals or groups within the practice
  4. Doctors often need ways to quickly send pictures or snapshots of paperwork to staff
  5. Find a secure, HIPAA compliant technology platform to enable instant chat communications
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  1. Cloud based technologies are the best choice for medical practices
  2. Greatly decrease risk for data loss
  3. However, staff can access remotely from web browsers, even at home
  4. Must have safeguards in place to restrict access
    – Restrict based on user role, location, time of day, and clinical access
  5. Maintain a complete HIPAA audit trail
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  1. Most of us today are used to quickly scrolling through the top activities and messages
  2. The leading practice management platforms now have this concept built into their dashboards
  3. Easy ways to manage messaging and outreach
  4. Easy to understand snapshots of productivity – especially around denied claims
  5. At a glance monitoring of how well the practice is doing against key KPIs
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  1. Often series of visits for therapy or global periods are authorized by insurance
  2. Identify the visit type as associated with a defined authorization
  3. Create a countdown or tickler within your software to make sure you maximize visits
  4. Create a countdown or tickler to make sure you don’t exceed the number of visits for which the insurance company will pay
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  1. Did you know that facsimile machines have been around for 175 years?
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