Billing, The Life Blood of Your Practice

Optimize Your Entire ‘Patient-to-Pay’ Revenue Cycle with Advanced Technology

advanced office softwareSuccessful Insurance Billing and Patient Collections

Finely tuned insurance billing and patient collections are no accident. It all begins with a well organized front office, efficient workflows, clearly articulated policies and procedures, and the systematic enforcement of best practices.

The key to an optimal “patient-to-pay” process is advanced office software that streamlines every aspect of the medical billing continuum and puts in place the needed checks and balances that create efficiency and insure tight financial control.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your medical practice. If patient collections are off or receivables are unattended, profitability is headed down the drain. Here are seven keys to improving cash flow in your practice:

  • Educating Personnel
  • Utilizing Technology
  • Using a Clearinghouse
  • Monitoring Rejections
  • Managing Denials
  • Monitoring A/R for Accurate Insurance and Patient Payments
  • Utilizing Metrics to Measure Productivity

Organizing Your Front Office

When you bundle the best techniques of successful practices into one easy-to-use medical billing and practice management software platform, you gain control of your patient payments, claims billing, and receivables. Here’s how:


Everything begins with the patient appointment. With flexible appointment scheduling software, you can easily find next available time-slots, schedule resources, and print patient’s visits. Appointment reminders help eliminate costly missed appointments.
All Scheduling Features..

Eligibility & Authorizations

Verifying health benefits before the arrival of the patient is essential not only to the revenue cycle but to patient care as well. Real-time eligibility can be checked instantly at the point of care or automatically each night in batch. Electronic authorizations are available through Emdeon and RelayHealth. You can review the patients complete eligibility verification history. And each detailed reports shows active coverage, copay, annual deductible & Co-insurance for various type of services.


Upon arrival, good software insures a smooth office flow, but it also insures that patient pay is collected along with any open balances. Advanced office software can help improve patient wait-times by alerting doctors to waiting patients and keeping staff abreast of a patient status at all times.

Clinical Care Management

When you try our EHR, you’ll find yourself thinking how charting could be so easy and so natural. As simple as charting on paper, our entire clinical workbench is laid out on a single screen that is easily navigated on a Tablet, iPad, Desktop, or Notebook. In fact the entire patient record is on one single screen and is designed to let you chart using voice recognition, a stylus, a keyboard, or all of the above.

Prescribe, Order, Fax

You can quickly review formularies, pharmacy locations, order, and fax all from within the patient record with little or no bouncing from screen to screen.


Insurance Billing

Improve Claims Management

With our claims management software, you can submit electronic claims in a matter of seconds. Control the entire claims management system from any location with an internet connection. An automated claims scrubbing system double-checks all claims for errors, significantly reducing denied claims. Coding reference is included, so you can stop buying expensive code books. ICD-10 ready! Print CMS-1500 claims, or submit primary and secondary electronic ANSI 837 claims so you can track the status of your claims.

Pursue Revenue

With PracticeSuite Claims Management software, you can accelerate the collections process with customizable work queues, automated insurance collections ticklers, and comprehensive tracking tools. Efficiently follow-up on denials and non-response claim rejections with our easy option for single or bulk resubmit. All necessary information for claims follow-up is available on a single screen.


  • Reduce your outstanding A/R days
  • Improve billing efficiency
  • Reduce billing cost
  • Improve cash flow
  • Get paid in a timely fashion
  • Faster reimbursement
  • Integrated claims correction and online reference tools
  • Centralized financial reporting
  • Reduce redundant data entry
  • ERA and auto posting
  • Claims submission and tracking
  • Denied claims management

Measure Performance

A robust and granular reporting system provides you with sharper insight into your revenue and cash flow; Advanced Revenue Cycle Management software helps eliminate missing information, incorrect codes, data entry errors, and everything else that can result in rejected or denied claims. A complete system for managing every step of the reimbursement cycle, our software offers a 94% first-pass claims success rate to ensure faster and accurate payments.

Go Mobile

There’s no avoiding the future of mobile medicine. Instant access to patient information is today’s reality.