Master Account Setup Videos

1PracticePlay Video
2Legal EntityPlay Video
3ProviderPlay Video
4Service LocationPlay Video
5Insurance CompaniesPlay Video
6Enter PatientPlay Video
7How To Attached A Patient Insurance CardPlay Video
8How To Set Up Practice Working HoursPlay Video


1Scheduler OverviewPlay Video
2How Do I Schedule An AppointmentPlay Video
3Personalize – Schedule Type and DurationPlay Video
3How Do I Schedule an AppointmentPlay Video
4How Do I Check Patient inPlay Video
5How Do I Double Book AppointmentPlay Video
6How Do I Create Recurring AppointmentPlay Video
7How Do I Mark Missed AppointmentPlay Video
8How Do I Mark Cancelled Appointment and Take it off the SchedulerPlay Video
9How Do I Mark Cancelled Appointment and Leave it in the SchedulerPlay Video
10Display Holidays and Unavailable Days on the SchedulerPlay Video
11How Do I Change Provider Display SequencePlay Video
12Setup Custom LettersPlay Video
13Generate Custom Letters from SchedulerPlay Video
14Generate Custom Letters for Patients Through Search PatientsComing Soon
15How To Scan And Attach DocumentsPlay Video
16Collect Copay and Print ReceiptPlay Video
17Collect Patient Payments and Print ReceiptPlay Video
18Block Lunch TimePlay Video
19Block Provider Off TimePlay Video
20Block Recurring TimesPlay Video
21Block HolidaysPlay Video
22Block Vacation DaysPlay Video
23Setup Email And Text Reminders for AppointmentsPlay Video
24How To Search For An AppointmentPlay Video
25How To Review Insurance, Patient Balance And On Account From The SchedulerPlay Video
26How To Setup Scheduling AlertsPlay Video


1Billing One Minute OverviewPlay Video
2How Do I Enter ChargesPlay Video
3Print a Claim in One MinutePlay Video
4How Do I Batch ClaimsPlay Video
5How Do I Print a Single ClaimPlay Video
6How Do I Printing Batches of ClaimsComing Soon
7How To Post Payments ManuallyPlay Video
8How Do I Post Insurance PaymentPlay Video
9How Do I Post Self-Pay / Cash PaymentPlay Video
10How Do I Post the Charge to the New InsurancePlay Video
11How Do I Add a Charge Without an AppointmentPlay Video
12How Do I Preview the Case Payer(s) & Case TypePlay Video
13How Do I Add or Edit a ‘Case’Play Video
14How Do I Search for a Diagnosis Code by DescriptionPlay Video
15How Do I Put a Charge on HoldPlay Video
16How Do I Update Charge With a Different Service Location / FacilityPlay Video
17How Do I Create a Macro for Set of CPT Codes and Populate Charges Using MacroPlay Video
18How Do I Add a New Patient From Charge EntryPlay Video
19How Do I Copy Last Claim InformationPlay Video
20Where Do I Enter a Procedure Level Note or Anesthesia TimePlay Video
21Where Do I View or List the Unapplied Payments for the PatientPlay Video
22Where Do I Put a Charge on Hold With CommentsPlay Video
23How Do I Print Superbill Activity Report (Include and Exclude Amounts)Play Video
24How do I Print HCFA / CMS FormComing Soon
25How do I Run Charges on Hold ReportsPlay Video
26How Do I Batch and Submit ClaimsPlay Video
27How Do I Selectively Batch Claims for a Specific DOSPlay Video
28How Do I Auto Upload Claim Batch(es) to a Partner Clearing HousePlay Video
29How Do I View any Previously Submitted Electronic Claim Batches?Play Video
30How Do I Remove an Unsubmitted Electronic BatchPlay Video
31How Do I Remove a Paper Claim From the Unsubmitted ListPlay Video
32How Do I Change the EDI Version to 5010 or the EDI Sender or Receiver Information?Play Video
33How Do I Rebill Batch Multiple Claims Together, Without Having to do Them SeparatelyPlay Video
34How Do I List Claims by Insurance Level (Primay, Secondary or Tertiary) on the Print / Rebill ScreenPlay Video
35How Do I Read a Claim Log Report?Play Video
36How To Correct Claims and Rebill ClaimsPlay Video
37How To Enter A Patient Payment And Print Its ReceiptPlay Video
38Auto Populate ModifierPlay Video
39Create a Macro for Set of CPT Codes and Populate Charges Using MacroPlay Video
40How to Track AuthorizationPlay Video
41Charge EntryPlay Video
42Patient AccountPlay Video
43Printing ClaimsPlay Video
44Submitting Insurance BatchesPlay Video
45Rebill ClaimsPlay Video
46Reprint ClaimsComing Soon
47Review Claims LogPlay Video
48HOLD BatchesPlay Video
49VOID BatchesPlay Video
50Insurance EOB Payment PostingPlay Video
51Patient Payment PostingPlay Video
52How to post an ERA paymentPlay Video
53Process RefundComing Soon
54Reverse a PaymentPlay Video
55Mass Patient Payments PostingPlay Video
56How To Generate Patient StatementsPlay Video
57How To Do Mass Write OffsPlay Video
58How To Do Month-End ClosePlay Video
59ReconciliationPlay Video
60Installment Billing Setup and Patient BillPlay Video
61Recalls and AlertsPlay Video
62Eligibility VerificationPlay Video
63Authorization and Visits TrackingsPlay Video
64Setup Additional Offices / Legal EntitiesPlay Video
65Setup Individual NPI / FTID / SSN Through Legal EntityPlay Video
66Setup Group NPI / FTID / SSN Through Legal EntityPlay Video
67Assign Provider(s) to Multiple Legal Entities / Multiple LocationsPlay Video
68Setup Secondary Non-NPI Insurance Specific PINPlay Video
69Custom Fee Schedule – Multiple Payer Fee Schedules / ContractsPlay Video
70Custom Fee Schedule – Setup Self-Pay / Cash Fee SchedulePlay Video
71CPT Codes / Encounter ProceduresPlay Video
72ICD Codes – Favorite DiagnosisPlay Video
73Setup Secondary Cross Over [COB]Play Video
74Setup Secondary as Electronic / PaperPlay Video
75Setup a Category for Product BillingPlay Video
76How To Add An Adjustment Reason CodesPlay Video
77ModifiersPlay Video
78Case Type / Financial ClassPlay Video
79Setup EmployerPlay Video
80Setup AttorneyPlay Video
81How to Post Payments ManuallyPlay Video
82How to Review Claim LogsPlay Video
83How to Switch Claim Submission Method Between Electronic And PaperPlay Video
84How to Add/Edit the Claim Receiver InformationPlay Video
85How to Change the Claim Receiver for A PayerPlay Video
86How to View Current Line Status and Any Previous Claim or Line ActivityPlay Video
87How to Re Print a Single Electronic Claim or Multiple Claims to PaperPlay Video
88How to Mark Claim as Cross Over (COB)Play Video
89How to Download the Claim Batch File To ComputerPlay Video
90How to Add A Copay and Immediately Apply While Charge PostingPlay Video
91How to Generate Pre Collection LettersPlay Video
92How to Change the Transaction Date On A ChargePlay Video
93How to Generate A Collection Agency Data FilePlay Video
94How to View My New Paper ClaimPlay Video
95How to Print Claim Status Reports with Batch UploadPlay Video
96How to Override The Insurance Claim Line To Bill It To PatientPlay Video
97Where to Enter Box 10d and Box 19Play Video
98How to Search Claims in Relay HealthPlay Video
99How to Change A CasePlay Video
100How to Review A Patient LedgerPlay Video
101How to Search Remittance in Relay HealthPlay Video
102How to Create Custom SuperbillsPlay Video
103How to Configure Internet Explorer for PracticeSuitePlay Video
104How to Configure Safari for PracticeSuitePlay Video
105How to Configure Google Chrome for PracticeSuitePlay Video
106How to Configure Firefox for PracticeSuitePlay Video


1Document a SOAP Note OverviewPlay Video
2MU Criteria 1 – Problem ListPlay Video
3MU Criteria 2 – Medication ListPlay Video
4MU Criteria 1 – Allergy ListPlay Video
5MU Criteria 4 Stage II Lab OrdersPlay Video
6MU Criteria 4 Stage II Radiology OrdersPlay Video
7MU Criteria 5 Stage I & IIPlay Video
8MU Criteria 6 Stage I & IIPlay Video
9MU Criteria 7 All In Scope Stage 1Alt & 2Play Video
10MU Criteria 7 BP Out of Scope Stage 1Alt & 2Play Video
11MU Criteria 7 Ht/Wt Out of Scope Stage 1Alt & 2Play Video
12MU Criteria# 7 Vital Signs Ht Wt Out of Scope LatestPlay Video
13MU Criteria 8 Stage 1 & 2 Smoking StatusPlay Video
14MU Criteria 9 Use Clinical decision supportPlay Video
15MU Criteria 10 Stage 1 & 2 VDTPlay Video
16MU Criteria 10 Stage 1 & 2 Timely AccessPlay Video
17MU Criteria 11 Clinical Summary Stage 1Play Video
18MU Criteria 11 Clinical Summary Stage 2Play Video
19MU Criteria 13 Lab Results Stage 1 & 2Play Video
20MU Criteria 14 Stage 1 General List of PatientsPlay Video
21MU Criteria 15 Patient Reminders Stage 1Play Video
22MU Criteria 15 Patient Reminders Stage 2Play Video
23MU Criteria 16 Patient Education Stage 1Play Video
24MU Criteria 16 Patient Education Stage 2Play Video
25MU Criteria 17 Medication Reconciliation Stage 1 & 2Play Video
26MU Criteria 18 Summary of Care Stage 1 & 2Play Video
27MU Criteria 20 Secure Electronic Messaging Stage 2Play Video
28MU Criteria 22 Provide Patient Electronic Copy of Health Information Stage 1Play Video
29MU Criteria 23 Report Ambulatory Clinical Quality Measures Stage 1Play Video
30MU Criteria 24 Capability to exchange key clinical information Stage 1Play Video
31MU Criteria 4 Stage 1 & 2 Medication OrdersPlay Video
32MU Criteria 12 Stage 1 Protect Electronic Health InfoPlay Video
33MU Criteria 19 Stage 1 Submit Electronic Data to Immunization RegistriesPlay Video
34MU Criteria 21 Stage 1 Enable Functionalities for Drug Allergy Interaction ChecksPlay Video
35MU Menu Objective 1 Stage 1 Submit Electronic Syndromic Surveillance Data to Public Health AgenciesPlay Video
36MU Menu Objective 2 Electronic NotesPlay Video
37MU Menu Objective 3 Stage 2 Family Health HistoryPlay Video
38MU Menu Objective 4 Stage 2 Image ResultsPlay Video
39MU-Menu Objective 5 – Provide Patients with Timely Electronic Access to Health InformationPlay Video
40MU Menu Objective 6 Stage 1 Implement Drug Formulary CheckPlay Video
41How to Document A ChartPlay Video

Patient Portal

1Patient Portal OverviewPlay Video

HIPAA Office

1HIPAA Office OverviewPlay Video
2Desktop OverviewPlay Video
3DirectTrust Connectivity OverviewPlay Video
4Email App OverviewPlay Video
5Chat App OverviewPlay Video
6File Sharing App OverviewPlay Video
7Task App OverviewPlay Video
8Calendar App OverviewPlay Video
9Notepad App OverviewPlay Video
10Group OverviewPlay Video
11Setting Up Email In HIPAA OfficePlay Video
12Adding users and managing permissionsPlay Video

Online Review Management

1Online Review Management OverviewPlay Video

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