Master Account Setup Videos

1Practice ScreenPlay Video
2Add/Edit Service LocationsPlay Video
3Add/Edit Insurance CompanyPlay Video
4Enter PatientsPlay Video
5Upload a Patient’s Insurance CardPlay Video


1Overview of the Appointment Scheduler screenPlay Video
2Scheduling AppointmentPlay Video
3Double Book AppointmentsPlay Video
4Block Schedule for HolidaysPlay Video
5Generate Custom Letter from AppointmentPlay Video
6Scan and Attach Patient DocumentsPlay Video
7Provider Off-time : Add a Lunch BlockPlay Video
8Search AppointmentsPlay Video
9Add Alert to show in AppointmentPlay Video


1Billing One Minute OverviewPlay Video
2Enter ClaimsPlay Video
3Print ClaimsPlay Video
4Batch and Submit ClaimsPlay Video
5Manual Posting of PaymentPlay Video
6Enter Self Pay/Cash payment and Apply the PaymentPlay Video
7How Do I Post the Charge to the New InsurancePlay Video
8Add Charge for Patient without an AppointmentPlay Video
9Add or Edit a CasePlay Video
10Saving a Charge on Hold StatusPlay Video
11Changing the PoS and Service Location (Facility) in a ClaimPlay Video
12Creating Macros (Procedure Group) – Explosion CodesPlay Video
13Enter Procedure Level Note (Line Note) or Anesthetic InfoPlay Video
14Charge Entry: Place a Charge on HoldPlay Video
15Running Report to view Charges on HoldPlay Video
16Print/Rebill screen: View previously Batched Claims by Insurance Level (Primary, Secondary or Tertiary)Play Video
17Edit Charge for Correction and Rebill ClaimPlay Video
18Enter a Patient Payment and Print ReceiptPlay Video
19Tracking Authorizations and Visit CountPlay Video
20Overview of Patient Account screenPlay Video
21Patient Payment PostingPlay Video
22ERA Payment PostingPlay Video
23Reversing a Payment Applied from a LinePlay Video
24Overview of Mass Patient Payments PostingPlay Video
25Generate Patient StatementsPlay Video
26Write Off claims using the Mass Write Off screenPlay Video
27Month End Close ProcessPlay Video
28Setup Patient Payment Installment PlansPlay Video
29Patient Recalls / Billing AlertsPlay Video
30Eligbility VerificationPlay Video
31Setup Individual Billing Entity – Legal Entity SetupPlay Video
32Setup Group Billing Entity – Legal Entity SetupPlay Video
33Attach Providers to Legal Entitie(s) for Scheduling and BillingPlay Video
34Fee Schedule SetupPlay Video
35CPT Codes Setup – Encounter Procedure MasterPlay Video
36Product Billing: Adding Dummy Procedure CodesPlay Video
37Add new Adjustment Reason Codes to Lookup listPlay Video
38Change Claims Billing Method (Electronic/Paper) for a PayerPlay Video
39View all Line Activities of a ClaimPlay Video
40Crossover (COB) Claims: Stop Secondary Claim SubmissionPlay Video
41Change Charge Accounting Date (Transaction Date)Play Video
42How to Switch Case of a ClaimPlay Video
43Review Patient LedgerPlay Video


1Document a SOAP Note OverviewPlay Video
2MU Criteria 1 – Problem ListPlay Video
3MU Criteria 2 – Medication ListPlay Video
4MU Criteria 1 – Allergy ListPlay Video
5MU Criteria 4 Stage II Lab OrdersPlay Video
6MU Criteria 4 Stage II Radiology OrdersPlay Video
7MU Criteria 5 Stage I & IIPlay Video
8MU Criteria 6 Stage I & IIPlay Video
9MU Criteria 8 Stage 1 & 2 Smoking StatusPlay Video
10MU Criteria 10 Stage 1 & 2 VDTPlay Video
11MU Criteria 10 Stage 1 & 2 Timely AccessPlay Video
12MU Criteria 15 Patient Reminders Stage 1Play Video
13MU Criteria 15 Patient Reminders Stage 2Play Video
14MU Criteria 16 Patient Education Stage 1Play Video
15MU Criteria 16 Patient Education Stage 2Play Video
16MU Criteria 17 Medication Reconciliation Stage 1 & 2Play Video
17MU Criteria 18 Summary of Care Stage 1 & 2Play Video
18MU Criteria 20 Secure Electronic Messaging Stage 2Play Video
19MU Criteria 23 Report Ambulatory Clinical Quality Measures Stage 1Play Video
20MU Criteria 24 Capability to exchange key clinical information Stage 1Play Video
21How to Document A ChartPlay Video

Patient Portal

1Introduction to Patient Portal & Online SchedulingPlay Video

HIPAA Office

1HIPAA Office OverviewPlay Video
2HIPAA Office cloud desktopPlay Video
3DirectTrust Connectivity OverviewPlay Video
4Email App OverviewPlay Video
5Chat App OverviewPlay Video
6File Sharing App OverviewPlay Video
7Task App OverviewPlay Video
8Calendar App OverviewPlay Video
9Notepad App OverviewPlay Video
10Group OverviewPlay Video
11Setting Up Email In HIPAA OfficePlay Video
12Adding users and managing permissionsPlay Video

Online Review Management

1Introduction to Online Review Management SystemPlay Video

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