PracticeSuite Overview

1PracticeSuite Promo VideoPlay Video
2PracticeSuite – Practice ProfitablyPlay Video
3PracticeSuite: Platform HighlightsPlay Video
4PracticeSuite OverviewPlay Video
5PracticeSuite: Tour GuidePlay Video
6Overview & DashboardPlay Video
7PracticeSuite: Software DemonstrationPlay Video

Master Account Setup Videos

1Practice/Legal Entity SetupPlay Video
2Setup Practice Work HoursPlay Video
3Setup a New ProviderPlay Video
4Setup a New Service Location/Place of ServicePlay Video
5Setup Place of Service – Home (PoS -12)Play Video
6Attach a Provider to Legal Entities for Scheduling and/or BillingPlay Video
7Fee Schedule & Procedure Code SetupPlay Video
8Add a New Case TypePlay Video
9Month End Close ProcessPlay Video


10Security Screen – User and Access ManagementPlay Video
11Add New UserPlay Video
12User Management – Add Additional AccessPlay Video
13User Management- Remote Access RestrictionPlay Video
14Reset User PasswordPlay Video
15Deactivating User(s)Play Video


1Scheduler OverviewPlay Video
2Single Provider BlocksPlay Video
3Double Book AppointmentsPlay Video
4Add New Schedule StatusPlay Video
5Scheduler: Print LetterPlay Video



1Billing One Minute OverviewPlay Video
2Enter ChargesPlay Video
3Manual Charge Entry: Copy Last ChargePlay Video
4Setup Procedure Groups (Macros)Play Video
5Manual Charge Entry: Selecting an Insurance for the ChargePlay Video
6Manual Charge Entry: Create Charge for No Appointment PatientsPlay Video
7Manual Charge Entry: Change PoS or Service LocationPlay Video
8Enter Claim NotePlay Video
9Put Charge on HoldPlay Video
10Manual Charge Entry: Hold Charge with a NotePlay Video
11Edit Charge and Rebill ClaimPlay Video
12Re-bill Claim(s)Play Video
13Void a Claim or Claim Line(s)Play Video
14Batch and Submit ClaimsPlay Video
15Print a Paper ClaimPlay Video
16View Previous Submitted Claim Batch ListPlay Video
17Download a Claims Batch FilePlay Video
18Enter Institutional (UB04) ChargePlay Video
19UB04 Patient & Case SetupPlay Video


20Add a New Insurance CompanyPlay Video
21Add New Insurance PlansPlay Video
22Add Insurance for PatientsPlay Video
23Change Billing Method of an InsurancePlay Video


24Process ERA PaymentPlay Video
25Manual Payment PostingPlay Video
26Manual Posting: Posting DenialsPlay Video
27Add Adjustment Reason CodesPlay Video
28Manual Payment Posting: Posting DenialsPlay Video
29Mass Write Off ClaimsPlay Video
30Edit PaymentsPlay Video
31Manual Payment Posting: Crossover Claims – Flag as CoBPlay Video
32Post Payments and Run Deposit ReportPlay Video
33Mass Posting: Quick Patient Payment PostingPlay Video
34Reverse a PaymentPlay Video
35Bulk Reverse PaymentsPlay Video
36Void Payment(s)Play Video
37Void RefundsPlay Video


38Patient List & Details- C6. Patient Details ReportPlay Video
39Daily / Month Close ReportPlay Video
40Create Patient StatementsPlay Video
41Statements History and Balance Aging – C3. Patient Statement Summary ReportPlay Video


42Overview of Elation Health InterfacePlay Video


1Start a Clinical Note For Walk-In PatientsPlay Video
2Clinical Desktop: Add New Patient from EHRPlay Video
3Start a Clinical Note For Scheduled PatientsPlay Video
4Med EntryPlay Video

Patient Portal

1Enter PatientPlay Video
2Merging and Deactivating PatientsPlay Video
3Add Patient Account TypesPlay Video
4Minor Patients – Add a GuarantorPlay Video
5Modify Guarantor InformationPlay Video
6Attach Patient’s Insurance Card to the Patient ChartPlay Video
7Eligibility VerificationPlay Video
8Scan and Attach Patient DocumentsPlay Video
9Reviewing Patient’s LedgerPlay Video
10Electronic Prior Authorization AutomationPlay Video
11Track AuthorizationsPlay Video
12Patient Case Overview and ManagementPlay Video
13Setup a Cash (Self Pay) CasePlay Video
14Change Patient’s Case for an EncounterPlay Video
15Switch CasesPlay Video
16Patient Alerts and RecallsPlay Video
17Setup a Patient AlertPlay Video
18Enter Patient Payment and Print ReceiptPlay Video
19Post Patient PaymentPlay Video
20Patient Statements: Add a Dunning MessagePlay Video

Patient Portal

21Patient PortalPlay Video

HIPAA Office

1HIPAA Office: Cloud Desktop and Secure Collaboration SuitePlay Video
2HIPAA Office cloud desktopPlay Video
3Secure Email – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
4Configure Email Account- HIPAA OfficePlay Video
5Secure File Sharing – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
6Secure Chat – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
7Secure Task App – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
8Secure Notepad – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
9Secure Groups – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
10Calendar App – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
11User Management – HIPAA OfficePlay Video
12Direct Trust and HIPAA OfficePlay Video
13Client ID – HIPAA OfficePlay Video

Online Review Management

1Introduction to Online Review Management SystemPlay Video

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