Managed Services & Medical Billing for Neurosurgery

Our Expertise is Coding

Coding neurosurgery procedures is truly an art form

  • We know the latest cutting-edge procedures
  • We know how to code them
  • We know the payer rules and allowances
  • We maintain the highest levels of integrity
  • You have a partner that can obtain maximum reimbursement

We specialize in coding neurosurgery procedures accurately, in compliance, and to the highest reimbursement.

  • Skilled neurosurgery coders
  • Strict adherence to compliance
  • Front end pre-authorizations
  • Immediate claim filing
  • Automated appeals for denials

Our Technology is Cutting Edge

We have a custom EHR for neurosurgery, and interface with any neurosurgery information system.

  • Our cloud based billing portal keeps you at the wheel at all times
  • You have access to all business data and metrics 24/7/365
  • Sophisticated financial reporting allows you to slice and dice data
  • Productivity reporting gives you clearer insight into business profitability
  • Unparalleled revenue cycle management monitors and controls

Experience a level of business intelligence that allows your surgical practice to grow and excel.

  • Global dashboard reporting
  • Real-time financial reports
  • Key performance metrics
  • Productivity reporting
  • Money Pulse Monitor Revenue Cycle Management controls


Our billing staff operate as an extension of your surgical practice. We treat your claims as our own. We treat your patients like family.

  •  Inter-office Communication Portal
  •  Pager and cell phone access to your Billing Managers
  •  Work assignment queues
  •  Real-time claim status dashboard
  •  Real-time financial reporting
  •  Complete visibility, accountability, and transparency into all billing activities

Visibility – Accountability – Transparency

Real-time access to all of your business metrics and billing productivity:

  • Know the status of any claim in real time
  • Know your operating balance in real time
  • Start each day off with a daily plan of action
  • Receive real time alerts upon any deviation from that plan
  • Maintain complete control of your A/R with real time financial reporting

Our Performance Guarantee

The value of any business is not what they promise, but what they deliver. Here are our key performance deliverables.

  • Most claims filed same day
  • All claims filed within 72 hours
  • All errors and denials are attended to daily
  • Appeals are auto-generated and sent upon claim rejection
  • We work 24/7 so you don’t have too

When you partner with PracticeSuite, you are choosing a partner who works tirelessly to ensure that every surgery is coded and adjudicated to the highest possible reimbursement.