Digitize Your Patient
Registration & Check-In

We’ve partnered with Relatient to help you save time, reduce costs, improve the patient experience, and reduce errors. Our new mobile e-Registration enables the front office to be more productive with tools that delight both patients and staff.


Patient Prompts

Make it easy! PracticeSuite
prompts patients with a link to
register 24-48 hours before arriving.



Let patients register or check
in on their own device or an office tablet
once they arrive at their appointment.

Check-In &

Registration Dashboard

Easily monitor who
is checking in through the easy-to-use
PracticeSuite Dashboard.


PracticeSuite utilizes HL7 to interface
with various EMR and PM systems which
allows registration info to flow back and forth.

Insurance Card Upload

Updating insurance information is easy
when patients are asked to capture a photo of
their insurance card with OCR scan to read data fields.


Different registration forms for different
appointment types? We’ll work with you to fit your
existing workflow or adopt best practices.



HIPAA forms, consent forms, and more. No problem.
One signature for all the paperwork, signed directly
on the patient’s mobile or preferred device.

No Accounts or

Passwords Needed

Patients may register without
logging in, creating an account, or
remembering a password.


Record Accuracy

Deciphering handwriting has its
challenges, with PracticeSuite eRegistration
there is no need to retype patient forms.

Your Patients, Your Forms, Your Workflow

PracticeSuite has a unique approach to getting you started with a dedicated project manager and review of your standard forms. We will customize forms to cover your specialty and offer best practices so eRegistration fits your workflow and clinical requirements. PracticeSuite can provide you with a new easy-to-read layout or keep things consistent on your own forms for your providers and staff.

Break the Bottleneck Caused
by Patient Intake

Making a great first impression can be the difference between patient loyalty and a bad online review. Bottlenecks, increasing wait times, and preoccupied staff can irritate patients and affect your reputation. PracticeSuite breaks the bottleneck with automated patient prompts making it easy for patient to pre-register on their phone or computer prior to arrival, saving time for patients and staff.

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  • Digitize patient registration forms
  • Increase pre-registration rate
  • Improve patient satisfaction & retention
  • Optimize your office operations

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