Do you feel your in-house medical billing processes could be better? ls it challenging to keep up with aging AR? Need more staff or more expertise for your complex medical billing?

Welcome to PracticeSuite!

Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

Complete revenue cycle specialists from patient payments to Insurance reimbursement.

Real-Time Transparency

Up to the minute dashboards and reporting show medical billing performance at any time.

Extension of Your Team

Our staff work as members of your practice to help patients and communicate with payers.

Don’t Back Down

Whether denials, appeals, underpayments, or recoupment, we diligently get you paid what you are owed.

Optimal Performance

Impressive first pass claim adjudication and prompt remittance posting greatly reduce your payment cycle.

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Complementary Practice Analysis

This complementary analysis will give you incredible insights into process efficiencies
and revenue improvement opportunities. Take this first step to becoming more profitable today!

  • Benchmark Your Reimbursement Rates and Claim Efficiency Against Peers
  • Review the Revenue Impact of No Show and Cancelled Appointments
  • Identify Lost Revenue due to Patient Balances (especially > 90 days)
  • Recoup Lost Revenue due to Unpaid Claims (especially > 120/180 days)
  • Review Ways to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Referrals
  • Strategies for Increasing Revenue for Routine Appointments
    and Pro-Active Patient Outreach

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Is Third Party Medical Billing Right For You?

Use this simple calculator to explore the benefits of third party billing.

How many full-time staff do billing and collections for you?
How much money do you collect each year?
By what percentage could your collections be improved?
What fee do you expect to pay for outsourcing (% of collections)

Based on your data and our conservative assumptions,
your estimated annual gain will be:


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