Claimocity & PracticeSuite
PracticeSuite and Claimocity

Mobile Practice Management Exclusively for Hospitalists

Reduce Administrative Burdens and
Maximize Bottom-Line Billing Revenue

Get Higher RCM Efficiency & Ranking with
PracticeSuite’s medical billing software platform.

PracticeSuite and ClaimocityWhat Makes Us Different?

We believe that doctors shouldn’t have to Just “take it” end accept the loss of wages that comes from Insurance hoops. obstacles, and burdens.

Insurance companies have a very clear financial Incentive to game the system because every denied claim, lost visit, unresolved Issue, or mistake In the process allows them to take more money from your wallet end put It In their pocket.

But you did the work so you should get paid for it!

The national average for lost wages due to bureacratlc lnefflclencles and administrative hurdles created by gray areas In the Insurance billing system Is between 20-30%.

That’s tens of thousands of dollars lost every year on an individual level and hundreds of thousands on a group love;.

We call it the Insurance Bureaucracy Income Tax.

We Save You Measurable Time
Time Studies show that our App reduces the daily administrative burden of billing to 3 minutes per 20 patients. That’s 9 seconds of billing per patient

Better Mobile Charge Capture
Using mobile charge capture improves submission rate by 4% on average. Our smart tech mobile charge capture
improves the submission rate to 6-8%

Optimized Level Coding
Our analytical models remove the gray area in daily coding so that your level coding always hits that sweet spot with integrity. No more over-coding or under-coding!

World-Class Support
We have billing experts with decades of experience working around the clock to provide concierge-level assistance and provide the hands-on human touch

See How PracticeSuite and Claimocity Work Together!

Call (510) 284-2425

See How PracticeSuite and Claimocity Work Together!

Call (510) 284-2425

Two Fantastic Medical Billing Options

Medical Billing Software
Complete Edition
$195/Provider /Month

  • All features needed for Insurance and Cash Billing
  • gEHRiMed EHR Connectivity
  • Dedicated Customer Success Coach
  • No Contracts. Month to Month

Medical Billing Services
Revenue Cycle Management
Starting at 3%

  • Medical Billing Software at $0
  • gEHRiMed EHR Connectivity
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Insurance and Patient Collections

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