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So, How Was Your Support Experience?

Hi, I had the occasion of speaking to support this afternoon. The support person was very helpful and patient with me. Being new to the software and billing in general I have quite a few questions but most I can figure out through your webinars, they’re very well done. Thanks for all the services you provide to us to make is as easy as possible for us to run our office. Thanks – Sue
Again, Tony is the best. He always is patient and finds a solution, even if I don’t know what question I need to ask. He’s a great asset to your company. – Andrea
The representatives are very helpful. They’re great with helping to correct problems and navigate the program. – Dr. Meadows
Support was very helpful! They helped me take care of an issue we were having with the scheduler. – Daneille
I was very impressed with the response time of your personel, support helped with my questions and gave me the answers I needed. very promt – Michelle
My support experience was fantastic. Jaspal was able to all answer all my questions and quickly. Hats off to Jaspal the employee of the day for me! – Lydia
Dan was very helpful and a pleasure to work with!! – Dr. Ingrid Fullerton
Support has been always so great – extremely knowledgeable and always have the answer for me. A BIG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! – Michelle Z.
The rep was wonderful, knowledgeable, and very helpful! – Ashley
A perfect experience – Susan
Support was polite and helpful –Dr Carmicheal
Support helped me with all my questions or concerns! Thank you for your help!! – Charles
The representative was very helpful – Karen
Customer service was great. – M. Arie
Wonderful working with support today. – Leanne
Very helpful – Karen
Support was great. – doc john
Great customer service – Devon
William can fix any problem there is out there!! He is the best one on the customer service team!!! – Sarah
Support was great – Diane B.
Questions answered. Right to the point. – John
Donny was so patient and wonderful! he is awesome – Beth B.
Support was great – Carla
Always helpful, thanks for great customer service – Sharon
Customer service was helpful and answered all my questions. thanks – Ram
I didn’t have to wait long and Tony was veryhelpful – Paula
Support was very helpful in assisting me with correcting an issue. – Iris D.
Good support experience – resolved issue quickly – Mark
Great help this time – D. Blavier
Very productive – Greg G.
Representative was very helpful and able to answer all my questions. – Deana
Everything was answered perfectly – Linda Q.
Very easy and fast! – Rian G.
Great was able to get the help i needed – Lily
Excellent – M. Arie
Was very helpful – Shelia
Great, quick response. – Diane
Got the help that I needed – Angela
Great experience. what a great job! – Sharon
Excellent problem solved – Jasmine
Thank you for your help – Sam
Problem fixed!! Good job! – Diane
It has been very effective – david
Awesome help! – Chris
Very helpful, thank you – Spencer
An excellent support experience – Ester
Great help. Fast response – Karolyn
I had 2 questions and support provided answers to both – Angela M.
Great experience – Frank
Dan is a great help to me always! – Maria
Great help from support! – Branden
Customer service was very helpful – Lydia
Support was helpful – Jessica
Prompt response and great service – Jahaira
Always helpful – Daniel
Great job and prompt replies – Jahaira
Thank you. I solved the problem with you’re help. Have a good day – Bonnie
Support was very helpful – Miata
Customer service was very helpfull – Maria A.
Quick and resolved my issue – Chris
Joy was very helpful – Carla
Support was wonderful! – Beth
Very helpful!! – Sharon
Great service – Tejero
Very helpful – Stefani
Great, thank you – Ashley
Very helpful! – Karen
Excellent Experience. – Maria
Customer service was wonderful as always – Brad
Support was great and very helpful! – Angie
Fantastic! – Zach
Very helpful – Diane
Customer service was most helpful – Ann
Quick and easy remedy to my issue. Thanks to all involved. – Jon
Agent answered all of my questions. – Deana
Support was very helpful was able to help with the issue i was having – Lily
Support chat was easy to use and understand. It was especially helpful to have pictures of the boxes that I needed to use to that were shown on the chat screen. It made it simple and easy. Thanks – Neil L.
Dan has once again did an amazing job! He should be training everyone that comes in brand new because he knows his stuff and always gets the job done efficiently and quickly. I love that I can explain to him whats going on and it takes less than 10 mins to resolve the issue!! – Angela
I always have an excellent experience with customer service, both when I use chat, and when I call – Candace
Superior customer service! All of my questions were answered. Problems were fixed. – Stephanie D.
Call was great! My question was answered quickly and proficiently – Jaymi
Tony was very helpful and he guided me until my question was resolve thank you very much! – Monica
Great help! Problem solved very quickly. Great customer service. – Liz V.
Completed a chat session with Dan and he was extremely helpful. – Karolyn
Call was great. Not being tech savvy, support was able to get me up and running within a matter of minutes – Kim
Tony helped me resolve my issue and helped with additional questions i had – Melanie
Rep helped me solve the small issue by remotely joining me. Took less then 10 minutes to fix the matter. Awesome service!!! – Heather
very pleased. very quick. got my problem solved. – Jeanne
Support was AWESOME. Tony is a great rep. 10 out of 10 stars – Surinder
I’ve worked with support several times when asking about reporting questions. They are always quick and friendly. – Rachel
Good help from service rep – Adas
Support is very knowledgeable. Always quick to help solve my issues. Thank you again!! – Michelle
Beyond helpful, thank you so much for having such great staff – Kathy T.
Awesome! Great work. Perfect service. – Dr. Stansell
I really appreciated the promptness and the professionalism of the tech that assisted me. They fully resolved my problems. – Dallas Pain Clinic
Thank you for the good assistance. – Muthu
Agent was *excellent* providing screenshots, patience, and directing me to exactly what I needed. Thank you – Mark
Very quick response and very helpful. – Deanna
Very helpful. now I know what I need to do to fix our issue. thank you – Cheryl
Very very good support experience – Tessa
I have been completely satisfied with the help I get when I utilize chat – Candace
I had trouble with a payment error. Dan helped me fix the problem. – Cruz
Wonderful job – Jordan S.
Fast and helpful!! Thank you – Monica
My Question was answered quickly – Debbie
Agent was very helpful and able to resolve my issue quickly. – Becca
Rep was very helpful and responsive. – Mary M.
Customer service was very empathic with my situation. – Lourdes
Your support is the bomb! – Audra
The support call was very helpful – Audra
Representative was very helpful – Pam D.
Support agent was great – Jessica
Helpful as always, awesome support – Kim
My situation was resolved – Linda
Great service and support. Thank you! – Emily F.
Wonderful! – Stephanie
Awesome all around – Andrea
THUMBS UP – Alanna
Was able to solve problem. – Angi
Simple process and efficient support. – Dr Lewis
A great support experience – Nidhi
Using chat is very helpful and fast. – T. Wilkinson
Support was a good experience – Angela
Support is AWESOME! Thanks for all the help! – Michelle
Awesome support experience – john
Quick and easy help. Thank you. – Debbie
Excellent help! Thank you! – Michelle
Knowlegeable – Mary A.
Very kind and patient – Angela
My support call was great. – Tristen
Support was very helpful. – Samantha
love that there is chat feature thanks – Maria N.
Excellent – Mike
Helped so much, support agent was great – Debbie
Excellent service. thank you – Althea
Thanks for looking into it – Jessica R
Great experience – Beverly
Great customer service thankyou – Sebastian
Excellent service and very quick. – Rebecca
Excellent. Everything is fine now. – Candace
Great help. Thank you. – Taiwan
Tony was a great help. Thanks so much – Debbie
Thank you for the help – jasmine
Helpful as always – Nick
Most helpful. – Cody
Dan was very patient and helpful. – Kim
Agent was very helpful and quick! I appreciate that – Sonja
Great support experience – Jennifer
Excellent customer service – Karen
As always customer service was very helpful – Carla
Great support. Thank you. – John
Rep was great and very patient! – Estella B.
My support call was quick and easy! Thank you! – Kali
Joy was very helpful! Thank you! – Sarah InceR
Representative was so helpful and took care of my questions. – Jessica R.
All my questions were answered perfectly – Linda
Very helpful, problem solved – Monique
Excellent support experience – Beth
Very helpful – Asha
Great customer service rep. – L. Herrin
Support was very helpful – Debbie
As always you provided the help i needed! – Barbara

PracticeSuite helped a Jacksonville practice clear up a $900,000 AR backlog.