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Enterprise Revenue Cycle Management Software

Although PracticeSuite offers a totally free SINGLE USER Medical Billing software that’s available 100% Free to all licensed health care providers… many doctors and allied health professionals still require a trustworthy and experienced partner to help manage their billing -in fact, nearly 17% of our docs find it financially smarter to outsource their claim management and collections.

If you are a Certified Medical Biller with 5+ years’ experience in billing or practice management, consider joining our nationwide network of Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing Service Companies and become part of ourElite Partner Referral Network.

Offering perspective clients the awesome power of EMR will give you the edge you need to out-pace the competition. Additionally, the Practice Management features of our software are unmatched and will give you the reporting insight you need to make claim management improvements and KEY FINANCIAL recommendations that will enable your clients to keep more of the money they work so hard to earn. By bringing valuable financial insight and practice management efficiency you add true Net Value to your client’s bottom line.

Here are a few of the features and benefits:

  • State of the art Billing System for you!
  • Doctor Friendly, Certified EMR for your client
  • e-Prescribing (75,000+ Pharmacies)
  • e-Labs (Quest/LabCorp/LIJ/Bio-Reference/Physicians Lab/Others)
  • A Powerful Flexible Patient Scheduler
  • Electronic SuperBill & Charge Capture
  • Inter-Office Communication & Document Mgmt
  • Powerful Practice Management Reporting & RCM
  • Access Your Work Securely, From Anywhere, Anytime
  • No Software to Install or Maintain. No Annual Fees
  • System Maintenance, Updates and Upgrades are all included

PracticeSuite’s RCM Technology will help you:

  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage that puts you out in front
  • Keep competitors from luring clients away with an integrated EHR
  • Bid new clients with state-of-the-art EHR, eRx & Scheduling

Attract New Clients with High-Value, Proven ROI Software Features!

  • Claim Scrubbing +-2% Claim Errors – Integrated Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic Claim Transmittal to Over 1500 Payers
  • Patient Portal Website with Self Check in Kiosk
  • Electronic Remittance Advice with Auto Update
  • Text Message Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Statement Services(available)
  • Transcription Services(available)
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing(available)

The medical billing industry is changing at an alarming rate. Are you?

  • Software Companies and Clearinghouses are getting into the medical billing business with advanced technology. What is your strategy?
  • Extremely large billing companies (like Athena Health) are attracting doctors away from smaller services by offering better technology at lower cost. Do you have a way to compete against these large players?
  • Strengthen Your Client Retention! PracticeSuite’s state-of-the-art Practice Management system can transform your billing business into a Revenue Cycle Management company.
  • By offering your clients an end-to-end, integrated EMR, you’ll reduce denials, coding errors, and reduce your overall cost of operation while offering superior management services to your clients.
  • All the functionality required to meet ‘Meaningful Use’ is offered to your client BY YOU rather than by powerful competitors such as AllScripts or AtenaHealth.

If you are a Medical Billing Service or Revenue Cycle Management Company in need of medical billing software with unmatched Practice Management and financial reporting capabilities, please call us today.


Empowering Revenue Cycle Management Companies

The only software designed to meet the unique needs ofMedical Billing Service Companies!

  • No need to switch clearing house
  • Full basic data migration
  • Most competitively priced!
  • Offer EHR under your brand
  • Web Based: No IT Server Backup hassles
  • Non-Invasive, adopt modules incrementally