Imagine recovering 16 hours per week. Or decreasing authorization workload by 94%. Imagine accomplishing this while cutting your cost of labor in half––or even more.

Say Hello to AUTHORIZATION DESK by PracticeSuite

Complete Authorization Management Software

94% of authorizations obtained with zero client action.

96% Success Rate

Near perfect auth success, often leading to a decrease in DAR

Real Cost Reduction

Reduce overall cost by 50%, up to a savings of 5 times.

Performance Dashboards & Reporting

Staff can view real-time status of authorizations progress.

95% of Auths in 1 Week

Most obtained within 3 days, many within minutes or hours

Specialty Specific Services

RAD, Labs, Surgery, Drug Rehab, just to name a few.

Put an end to the headache of wasted time and money by putting authorizations on auto-pilot. Spend more time with patients. Increase revenue. Call now.

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