New patients can schedule appointments directly from your site. Our integrated Web Portal meets the Stage II requirements of Meaningful Use and facilitates HIPAA Secure Patient-Office communication by allowing them to post appointment requests or ask pertinent questions regarding their care. The Patient Self-Service Request System reduces phone calls, allowing you and your office staff to focus on office tasks and the treatment of patients.


HIPAA Secure

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Custom-built website

Dynamic and accessible, update from anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet

Improved Patient-Office Communication

Appointment requests and patient questions via the Portal frees up your phones for more important matters


Keep Tracking

Patient and doctor can easily keep track of all communications.

Data Access

Patients haves access to their
own data.


The portal is user-friendly and requires very little computer knowledge to operate.


Patient communication is secure and remains on our servers, does not circulate over the web.


No additional cost

You control the data and can update it at no additional cost from the comfort of your home or office.

Download forms

Patients can download the necessary forms before they come in.


Affordable and flexible pricing, based on the size of your practice.

We understand that not all medical practices are the same. Whether it be specialty specific needs or size of the practice, we’ve got you covered.


w/Scheduling & Electronic Medical Records

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