Medical Billing Services

Billing Service Highlights

  • Inter-Office Communication makes it easy to exchange documents, discuss coding decisions, and interact with our management and staff at every level.
  • Credentialing into new health plans to obtain in-network rates
  • Free, integrated Stage III Certified EHR (+61 specialties, including radiology and neurosurgical) puts you in immediate compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and OMNIBUS.
  • Software training for you and your staff
  • Audit-proofing your practice with our CMS Bell Curve Software Module

Billing Service Guarantees

  1. We work on your existing insurance A/R. If it is collectible, we collect it. We aggressively pursue all outstanding unpaid claims and rapidly turn around EDI rejections. Going forward, our 94% first-pass claim success insures that A/R is kept at a manageable level.
  2. We create a daily financial plan: Before you arrive to work we verify insurance eligibility and benefits on every patient, perform a patient balance reconciliation, and each morning before you begin work we provide you with an updated operating balance.
  3. As work flows in through the day, our proprietary Money Monitor software sends out text messages/emails to office administrators, billing managers, and doctors on any deviation from the plan.
  4. Then, at the end of the day we reconcile and compare the outcome to the original plan –What was supposed to happen (PLAN), to what actually occurred (OUTCOME).

The result? Revenue leaks are plugged resulting in increased revenueas promised.

Interventional Radiology

Best Practice Management

RadiologyandImaginghave always been at the cutting edge of science and medicine, but changes are taking place at a breathtaking pace. This requires a billing partner that stays ahead of technology and coding.

Neurosurgical Billing

Neurosurgeryis state-of-the-art medicine, and coding it is a science that requires expertise in coding complex procedures. PracticeSuite’s coding staff is experienced and skilled at coding complicated neurosurgeries at maximum reimbursement.


Technology + Expertise = $$

Our front-officeRevenue Cycle Management technology (Pulse Money Monitor) and our billing expertise will put you back in control of your practice’s finances. Our unique RCM software detects and corrects revenue-loss before it occurs, so you’ll notice an immediate improvement in revenue and a corresponding correction to rising A/R.

You’ll begin every morning with a current operating balance, and end each day with a summary of that day’s progress. Any deviation from the daily plan registers a real time alert to staff so that revenue leaks are plugged before precious income is lost!

Our Proprietary Pulse Money Monitor Software Alerts You When:

  • Patients are checked-in but eligibility is unchecked
  • Co-pays or patient pay go uncollected
  • Appointments are deleted, canceled, moved, missed, etc.
  • An unauthorized visit or procedure is about to happen
  • Patients have been seen but remain unbilled
  • Balances above your preset threshold are written off
  • Timely filing presets are ignored
  • Claims or denials are not followed up
  • Collections performance is below preset threshold
  • Monitoring of User productivity, and much more.

The Decision to Outsource

The bottom line of any business is top line revenue verses bottom line net-income (EBITA). Simply put, we increase collections and reduce cost.

Engaging PracticeSuite is like having a fractional CEO that ensures your practice is run like a business. This means executing a daily plan with experience, technology, best practices, skill, and hands-on back office management.

The challenge to running a finely tuned billing office is that success rises and falls on the skills of your billing staff: Top notch Billing Managers are hard to come by, difficult to keep, and costly.

By partnering with PracticeSuite, you get the instant horsepower you need to regain control of your insurance billing and finances; along with a dedicated, professional team that feels like an extension of your office––working in unison with you and your staff.

By partnering with us, you conveniently bypass:

  • Employee search
  • Employee retention
  • Payroll, withholdings, taxes, benefits
  • Employee training, supervision, oversight
  • Employee liability: Absenteeism, turnover, theft, work-ethic, attitudes, etc.

Partnering with PracticeSuite is the clear alternative to in-house medical billing.
We stay on top of the endless changes in billing and coding rules. We efficiently handle claims processing, payment reconciliation, resolving of payment disputes, and achieving successful appeals.

We Work 24/7

With PracticeSuite Managed Services, you’ll earn more money, have greater peace of mind, and have more time to spend with patients, staff, and family.

The average $18/hour biller has 2-3 years of experience at one or two practices and has experience with a handful of payers. When they leave at night, your finances are your problem.

Our RCM services operate 24 hours a day. We never sleep. When you leave at night, your finances are our problem. Our billers have +5 years dealing with hundreds of Payers in all States and have specific expertise in your medical specialty. At the end of each day they make sure that:

  • The majority of claims are billed same day, and all are filed within 72 hours.
  • All errors and denials are rigorously worked, daily.
  • Supportive documentation and legal letters are generated to all payers.
  • Your business is tended to by a name you can trust and rely on

Medical office staff’s pay is rarely tied directly to what they recover from insurance. In contrast, we are paid only on what we collect. And we pursue every last penny of every patient encounter. Let us quickly help you reduce overhead, eliminate claim errors, relieve payer stress, and reduce days in A/R.

Free Revenue Consultation


  • Immediately cut costs and increase revenue
  • Allow experts to pursue every dollar you’ve earned
  • Take control of your practice’s finances through cloud based services

Quickly plug financial leaks with proactive monitor controls:

  • Better determine patient responsibility before the patient arrives
  • Increase patient payment collection by 15% on average
  • Maximize revenue capture through proper coding, fee schedule analysis, and contract negotiation

Immediately increase cash flow by attacking insurance A/R

  • Decrease or eliminate claim denials and rejections
  • Receive personal service and custom tailored billing solutions
  • Quickly stabilize your practice revenue

Ask the tough questions when interviewing a billing service

  • Learn how hiring the right billing service can be like bringing a fractional CEO & CFO into your practice

PracticeSuite’s RCM Technology brings complete visibility and control into each step of the Revenue Cycle

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