Optimize Your Front Office with Self Check in

Whith PracticeSuite’s powerful Front Office, patients can enter their medical history, family history, allergies, insurances, and chief compalint (reason for the visit) from the comfort of their home. Upon arrival, they can then Self Check-in using our Front Desk Patient KIOSK.
Patient Satisfaction plumets when wait-times skyrocket due to staff and providers having to guess about a patient’s status or whereabouts. Know where your patient is at all times and communicate it clearly to staff using our Inter-Office Communications Module. Afterwards measure, track, and report on patient wait times to improve office efficiency.


Patient Status Include:

  • Arrival Time
  • Check-in Time
  • Vitals & Room Status
  • Ready for Exam – Physician Notified
  • Labs, Orders, Recalls.
  • Referral Station
  • Check-out, Payments
  • Departure time