3 Step Guide

The Right Tools to Start and Grow Your Practice

Step #1

Get Robust, Cost Effective Scheduling and
Medical Billing Software

  • Handles Insurance and Cash Pay Billing
  • Easy Appointment Setup
  • Electronically Connected to Insurance Payers
  • Create Patient Statements and Bills
  • Securely Access from Any Internet Connected Computer
  • Step-by-Step Setup, Training, and Support

Free Starter Edition

Fully functioning medical billing and scheduling for $0.

Step #2

Make the Right Electronic Health Record Decision

  • Evaluate PracticeSuite’s Certified EHR
  • Review our Connected EHR Options
  • Track Clinical Information for Reimbursement Programs
  • Electronically Prescribe Medications
  • Connect to Laboratories
  • Offer Online Patient Services

A Matter of Choice!

Pick an EHR that works best for your preferences and specialty.

Step #3

Secure Your Email and Collaboration Apps

  • Protect against HIPAA Violations
  • Guard against Cyber Threats and Data Theft
  • Send Safe, Encrypted Emails
  • Instantly Chat with Staff or Colleagues
  • Securely Store Files with PHI or Sensitive Business Information
  • Get HIPAA Protected Office Apps

Start Secure.

Stay Compliant.

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BAA Compliance – 3 Definitive Questions to Determine Your Risk

BAA Compliance – 3 Definitive Questions to Determine Your Risk

The aim of the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) is to safeguard the privacy of sensitive medical information. The practice of medicine has changed a lot in the two decades since HIPAA’s passage, and it’s not always clear what lengths an office needs to take to avoid violation and comply with requirements. Data breaches arising from lost or stolen devices such as laptops containing PHI are not the only cause for recently harsh fines, accelerating both in rate...

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