Medical Billing Software for IDTF’s

We understand the volume related demands of a testing facility. High patient volume. High claim volume. Numerous EOBs. High patient statement volume. PracticeSuite’s services and software thrive in these environments and add productivity and revenue growth!

Schedule Testing in PracticeSuite's scheduler or
interface to your third party system.
Specialized billing workflows for single NPI
Batch process hundreds of testing claims per day
for commercial and government payers.
Quickly transfer payment responsibility to patients,
generate statements and patient payment options.
Efficiently autopost paid claims and manage denials
and/or appeals to ensure full payment.

Perfect for both fixed location and mobile IDTFs with
100% cloud-based medical billing software.

Popular IDTF Software Features In PracticeSuite

Custom Fee Schedules

Import and Define Line-Item Fee
Schedules By Procedure for
Medicare and other Payers.

System Integrations

Connect Third Porty CRM, Scheduling,
or Testing Technology with ProcticeSuite’s
Medical Billing Software.

Collection Manager

Quickly Determine Which Claims
Need Further Action to Ensure
Timely Filing and Payment.

Verify Patient Coverage

Automatically Determine Patient
Eligibility Before Performing Test
or Procedures.

Patient Payment Services

Efficiently Create and Send Patient
Statements; Provide Online
Payment Options.

Comprehensive Reporting

Identify Underpayments, Monitor
Speed of Payments, and Measure
Key Performance Indicators.

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