Improve Billing, Collections, and Revenue

Improving Patient Pay

The failure to collect patient pay at the point of care can result in an expensive and ineffecient collections process. The goal is a 90% or better patient-pay collections rate. To ensure this, PracticeSuite’s Pulse Money Monitor keeps guard over every patient visit to make sure open balances and co-pays are collected upon the patient’s arrival.

Improving Billing

With PracticeSuite, your practice can instantly achieve a 94% first-pass claims success rate. We accomplish this through a combination of Front-End Edits that ensure that every claim is payer-ready before it’s sent. Our system also automatically checks eligibility. And while verifying eligibility is no gaurantee that a claim will get paid, it ensures that the patient’s treatment is covered by their benefits and that your appeal for medical necessisity will have a far higher chance of success.

Real-time Revenue Monitoring

Something you will find only at PracticeSuite are real-time Revenue Cycle Management Monitors that alert you when:
  • Patients are checked-in but eligibility is unchecked
  • Co-pays / patient pay are uncollected
  • Appointments are deleted, canceled, moved, missed, etc.
  • An unauthorized visit or procedure is about to happen
  • Patients have been seen but remain unbilled
  • Balances above your preset threshold are written off
  • Timely filing presets are ignored
  • Claims or denials are not followed up
  • Collections performance is below preset threshold
  • We monitor User productivity, and offer User productivity reporting