A combination of self-learning, free ICD-10 coding software, weekly webinars, and one-on-one support; our ICD-10 Training Tool Kit gives you the needed resources for you and your staff to begin coding ICD10. Try out our ICD 10 Lookup -as seen on Softwareadvice!

Fast-Track to ICD 10

Our Boot Camp is a sensible 3-5 hour per week intensive ICD-10 education that puts you and your staff in the fast lane of really learning ICD 10 CM ––the diagnoses code set for out-patient healthcare. This online training resource is a hands-on ICD10 workshop where you’ll learn, see, do, and test ICD-10 skills. At week 2 of the Webinar series, you’ll begin working directly in the software to generate ICD 10 Superbills, determine specificity, dual code ICD9 to 10, and create realistic insurance claims in both ICD9 and 10, to compare what you know with what you’re learning.

  • Learn at an accelerated, self guided pace
  • Watch online trainers free as they teach ICD10
  • Practice in your own ICD 10 software
  • Engage your entire team 30 minutes per day
  • Learn as a group to keep each other on track

The ICD-10 Toolkit

Through ICD10 webinars and online education and training, you’ll focus on the codes most relevant to your specially. We provide many specialty specific ICD10 examples, and you can use our quick reference guide for ICD 10 questions and answers so that you and your staff can achieve proficiency.

  • Online educational resources (learning the structure)
  • Dual mode coding and billing software
  • Crossover lookup tools (GEM)
  • Webinars, Videos, Reference Guides
  • Telephone software support

Dual Mode Coding & Billing

Our ICD 10 mapping software will help you create your own ICD 10 Superbill (or set of them). Dual coding software will assist you in searching for and looking up the exact ICD 10 code you need for accurate diagnosis and claims filing. Our software support staff are on-call to answer your ICD10 questions.

  • 100% Free Dual Mode ICD 10 Coding and Billing Software
  • Bill ICD9 and ICD10 on the same screen
  • Create ICD-10 superbills
  • Create primary and secondary claims
  • Print the new CMS-1500 dual claim form
  • Software supports up to 12 Diagnosis Codes

Free ICD 10 Webinars

Access to our free webinar series requires a free software account to sign up. Create your free ICD10 software account. Then you may sign up for our weekly webinars: Beginner through Advanced (beginner is slower paced). Both 35 minute webinars cover:

  • Introduction to ICD10’s structure
  • Narrowing down your specialty
  • Creating a superbill
  • Reviewing charts
  • Entering charges in dual mode
  • Selecting highest ICD-10 specificity
  • Questions & Answers

From Zero to Hero

ICD 10 implementation doesn’t have to feel like hari-kari. With the right clinical documentation software (one that offers decision support); the right coding software (one that offers claims validation); and the right billing software (dual coding software); your team can lessen the impact of ICD 10.

  • We supply the tools to get you organized
  • Including Gap Analysis tools
  • ICD 10 Business Plan templates
  • Free ICD 10 learning and testing tools
  • Online study guide, quiz and exams
  • Free ICD10 smartphone application (android)

Use the ICD-10 quizzes, exams, and templates to prepare for the conversion now. Complete our readiness survey to see how your practice tests for ICD10 implementation success. Learn more about ICD 10 and its expected impact.