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PracticeSuite is one of the few fully integrated, practice management, end-to-end cloud based EHR/EMR systems available today. Our affordable pricing is unmatched, but more importantly, it is quality customer care and high client satisfaction that sets us apart from the crowd. Our Clinical documentation application supports over 61 medical specialties, and when you enroll in our RCM medical billing services, you receive our EHR software absolutely free.

Or, you can choose from one of our amazing partners like Elation Health EHR, and also pay zero software costs.

Our promise to you is not only to increase your collections by as much as an average of 12%, but also to reduce out of pocket expenses on items like emr software, medical billing, or practice management software. Our free software also includes a best in class patient scheduling system that allows you to enter patient demographics, insurances, and to check eligibility.

From the beginning, our Electronic Health Record software’s evolution has been driven by you, our physicians who use the software. We listen and respond to the needs of our doctors so much that each quarter as many as one hundred new features are added to the system. The most unique aspect of our clinical documentation software is our physician’s desktop that truly resembles a paper chart. Our single screen charting tool is without equal in the industry and the easy adoption of our system makes charting a pleasure.

Cloud EHR Software

The clinical section of the software benefits from a robust physician desktop that was carefully built over years of working with doctors of diverse medical specialties. The EHR resembles paper charts and our single screen charting tool resembles an ordinary encounter sheet, making it easy to use and even easier to customize to your own style of charting patient encounters.

This proprietary charting tool does not use restrictive templates and is therefore easy to document multiple conditions per visit without any proliferation and windows or navigation through multiple objects.

Everything is on a single flat screen that looks like an encounter form. Our ONC-ATCB Certified EHR allows you to create a true paperless office while establishing meaningful use.


We realize that adopting a new EHR feels like changing the engine in a running automobile. But the moment doctors are introduced to our charting tool, they often say aloud, “That’s simple. I can do that”. And it ordinarily takes only a few hours training to use our system the first time.

Lab and pharmacy connectivity makes sending orders and receiving results a simple task that is supported by checkpoints that automatically screen for allergies, formularies, and drug interactions. The software also allows printing faxing emailing and general management of paper documents to be integrated electronically. Pathology and lab results are imported electronically into the patient record for your review. Our document manager automatically assigns a digital ID that insures the right record or image gets attached to the right patient record.

All-In-One Practice System


The front office aspects of the software benefit for a broad array of features which offer complete organization of patient scheduling, authorization management, multiple office management, the ability to generate super bills from the calendar or from the patient ledger, along with billing reports with specifications per patient, and the ability to process payments in real time as the patient is in the office.

PracticeSuite offers a billing software that is so much more! We understand that for both medical billing companies and medical practices it’s not just about submitting claims and processing payments. It’s about revenue and financial management, so we offer advanced financial reporting including a financial dashboard with real productivity monitors. Feature rich, simple and intuitive to use, some of the software’s features are unmatched in the industry. You can also plug in your own clearinghouse, as well offer your clinicians a fully integrated EHR that’s seamlessly integrated with the scheduler, your billing system, and sophisticated practice and financial reporting. The billing section on the software allows for easy viewing of clinical notes, eligibility verification, balance data and payments received.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. To show this, we maintain a 99.19% client retention rate.

Put your practice on the same open source platform that fortune 500 companies use to run their own businesses: Oracle, Linux and Java.

PracticeSuite is an innovative and exciting revenue cycle and medical practice management software that features a cloud EHR, medical billing, and patient portal solution that work for over a hundred and fifty billing specialties and 61 clinical specialties. We’re a rapidly growing Silicon Valley based company that works closely with physicians across the country with a presence in all 50 states. We recently introduced a 100% free medical billing software that users can begin using instantly and then when desired, upgraded to an affordable paid edition at their convenience.

PracticeSuite is fully HIPAA, HITECH, OMNIBUS, PCI, and 5010 Compliant. It’s also web based so that it may be accessed from any computer, smart phone or tablet in a safe and secure manner. Where other software may be cumbersome, PracticeSuite puts an emphasis on the user, being both designed and developed for use in private practice. This user friendly software was created so that each user sees only what they want and need to see. By allowing each user to select their own individual components, we allow each user to carry out each aspect of practice management seamlessly.

Serving over 57,000 users, we have a client base that’s growing daily because of a robust scalable enterprise architecture that’s able to meet the needs of diverse clinical and medical billing specialties. Our diverse client base ranges from medical billing companies, technology resellers, EHR only companies, and practice management only companies. We serve an array of medical and allied health professionals ranging from solo practitioners to large medical practices nationwide. Among our chief assets are the relationships we’ve built with our incredible diverse group of clients with whom we work closely to expand upon the software itself.

Don’t take our word for it, read the customer testimonials and sign up for a 100% free medical billing account: Attend a free EHR training webinar, or schedule an EHR demo today!