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  • Target & Attract the Clients You Want Mostgrowth360
  • Set More Appointments
  • Create High-Touch Patient Experiences
  • Upsell & Maximize Per Patient Revenue
  • Build Community & Increase Patient Referrals
  • Manage All Your Social Media
  • Have Geographic Exclusivity

CRM Software Overview

Email Marketing

Autoresponders. Manage Unlimited Campaigns. Segment, Sort, Target, and Blast. Pre-Schedule Campaigns.

Lead Management

Lead Generation. Capture Leads Directly to CRM. Tag and Segment. Automate Lead Nurturing.

Campaign Management

Unlimited Multi-channel Campaigns. Closed Loop Marketing: Website, Blog, Email, Social Media, Text, Phone, Billboard.


Geographic Exclusivity. Precisely Target High Value Clients. Talk to New Patients Everyday.

Social Media CRM

Automatically Push Email Campaigns and Website Comments to Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Product Marketing

Manage All Products and Create Custom Product Fields and Pricing.

Patient Portal

CRM Driven, Ecommerce Enable, and Connected to All Your Practice Software!

Google App Integration

Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

Care Relationship Management (CRM) Suite

Start Thinking Like a Business

In today’s healthcare marketplace, attempting to grow a successful practice without a strong focus on CRM is an impossibility. Growth & Success require that you stay on top of every prospect, every ‘Touch’ opportunity, and every patient interaction, all while prioritizing client contacts and watching your budget.

Medical CRM For Closed Loop Marketing
When you have 4 or 5 marketing campaigns running concurrent, how do you know which initiative was responsible for a new appointment? Just where are your marketing dollars most effective, returning the best ROI? Managing your practice with a 360 healthcare specific CRM will have a dramatic effect on your bottom line as well as measurable improvements in your marketing effectiveness.Growth360allows you to deliver personalized content to your prospects, drive more timely and relevant marketing campaigns, yield higher quality leads, and focus your energy on the best prospects.

Medical CRM For Social Medial
Every touch counts, and Growth360’s ‘Set-it-and-Forget-it’ Marketing Automation allows you to stay on your customer’s mind, nurturing prospects with multi-touch campaigns (email, newsletter, text, phone) and a fully ‘social’ CRM that manages your Social Media for you.

Pay As You Go Affordability
Our pay-as-you-go model provides Start-ups with access to the same sophisticated marketing automation that Fortune 500 Companies rely upon. For practices large or small, our elastic model scales as your needs grow allowing you to start affordably and then grow with never having to change software. TheGrowth360 Medical CRMis the fastest path to practice growth success.

Inbound Marketing Software Highlights

Online Lead Generation

Capture Higher Quality Leads with Integrated Web-to-CRM Forms.

Improve Lead Quality

Capture, Score, and Nurture Prospective Clients.

Behavioral Modeling

Understand Which Leads Share the Characteristics of Your Best Customers.

Advanced Lead Mgmt.

Focus Time and Resources on Leads of Highest Relevance.

Email Marketing

Easy-to-Create Mass Email Marketing Campaign Tools.

Opportunity Management

Track Purchase History of Clients and Analyze Opportunities to Upsell and Cross sell.


Access Records on the Fly, Even Without an Internet Connection.

Social is Here to Stay

2nd Degree Connections Can Drive a 78% Response Rate (-LinkedIn).

Track Campaign Effectiveness

Track How Much You’re Spending on Each Campaign and Know Your ROI.

Dashboard Reporting

Drilldown by Time, Opportunity, Stage, or Source. Pre-build Reports. Pipeline Analysis.

Growing Your Patient/Client Base

Practice Marketing Intelligence

What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound Marketing begins with a website on steroids. One that is expertly Optimized for the Search Engines (SEO) and that uses every effective method to attract the high value patients you want most. It utilizes custom Web-lead-capture-forms (made with our easy form creator) which feed leads straight to your CRM, and then automatically responds, scores, and nurtures your leads according to tagging and segmentation rules that you predetermine.

What is Marketing Automation?
Marketing Automation turns marketing into a science that takes the guesswork out of Practice Marketing, allowing you to segment and deliver targeted content to a diverse prospect and client base. Segmenting leads allows you to deliver messages that capture your prospects attention and increase engagement and conversion.

Existing Clients vs. New Clients
Do your existing patients know your every area of expertise? When they don’t, your selling yourself short. Monitoring website behavior can give you deeper insight into the needs of your patients, and using a Marketing CRM to create personalized high-touch experiences can increase lead quality over 400%. What you don’t know about your patients will surprise you. Inbound marketing automation helps you listen in ways never before possible.

Email Marketing

Create Unlimited Autoresponders.
Manage Unlimited Email Campaigns.

Easy to Use
Campaign Templates.

Segment, Sort, Target,
Personalize, and Blast!

Save Time by Scheduling
Campaigns in Advance.

Unlimited Campaigns.

Monitor the Effectiveness of Each
Campaign and Know Your ROI.

Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns In Your CRM

Nurture Your Leads and Clients

Nurturing Leads
Create effective email marketing campaigns and send timely, targeted emails and multimedia communications that educate leads until they’re ready to contact you. Educate your leads and contacts about products, coupons, and introductory offers.

Nurturing Clients
Create a personalized high-touch experience through email. Build community and encourage patients to join causes and attend health-related events. Promote e-books, webinars, videos, membership programs, gift certificates, and sell downloadable items via email marketing.

Online Practice Portal

  • Online Scheduling
  • New Patient Online Registration
  • Process credit card payments online
  • Online Patient to Provider Messaging
  • Configure web-based Self-Assessment forms
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Send out Press Releases
  • Publish FAQs

Care Relation Management

  • Lead Management: Web Leads, Load leads from events
  • Campaign Management – Leads, Prospects, Clients, Referrals and others
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Focused Marketing: Tag web user and track their interests and web activities
  • Monitor customer /prospect website activities
  • Newsletters / Email / Press Release Management
  • Birthday / Special Event Email
  • Track Customer Complaints/ Feedback

Financial Features

  • Create Professional Quote
  • Create Professional invoices with logos
  • Create Invoices
  • Create Customize letters and email
  • Create professional looking statements
  • Manage Vendors
  • Asset Tracker
  • Issue Tracker

Social CRM: Social Media Marketing

  • Automate Follow-up emails after the initial and final visit
  • Request Patient Comments – Review and Upload to Twitter, Google plus and Face book
  • Enable & Track Patient-to-Patient Referrals
  • Built-in Twitter Feed Integration

Office Efficiency Features

  • InterOffice Instant Messaging
  • InterOffice To-Do List
  • InterOffice Email Messages (Limited Features)
  • Company Wide Announcement
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Outlook
  • RSS feed subscription

Accelerate Your Practice Growth

  • Attract New Patients
  • Track Visits and Usage
  • Send Missed /Cancelled Appt Letter
  • Send Recall Letters
  • Product Marketing (Nutrient Supplements, Fitness Products etc)

Concierge Service Manager

  • Setup Service Plan
  • Setup Customize Payment Plans
  • Process payments
  • Review balances
  • Service Usage Reporting
  • Print Statements

Inventory Management

  • Create Products
  • Create Discounts
  • Maintain Inventory Level- Min, Max, Re-Order
  • Setup Alerts on various levels

Accounting System | Interface

  • QuickBook
  • PeachTree
  • NetSuite and others

Sales & Marketing Analytics

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Create Your Own Reports

Mobile App

  • Android Phone App
  • iPhone App (Synchronize data to your phone – Contact Details, Calendar and others)


Medical Marketing CRM

6 Ways Traditional CRMs Fail Private Practice Healthcare


The best CRM software today is unsuitable for private practice Healthcare Professionals who are seeking to grow and manage their practice.

Medical Marketing CRMBut if you were to visit the website of any familiar CRM, you would find impressive healthcare case studies and white papers solving the needs of large organizations like Kaiser Permanente, WellPoint, Cancer Treatment centers, Back Surgery centers, UMC’s, etc., And this is precisely what good CRMs do best; they organize and focus the efforts of many individuals with diverse interests to a single goal, that of satisfying the needs of customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

What an awesome thing, and it is a perfect starting point, but it is exactly here that we part paths with a traditional CRM’s ability to meet the needs of a private healthcare practice.

What is a CRM and why do I need one?

All business starts with relationship. Every relationship starts with you. The strategy you take in establishing, developing and maintaining these relationships is your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy. The system that supports this strategy is your CRM software. –SugarCRM

Today’s CRM software is sophisticated and scientifically data-driven, so much so that they are able to record and manage at a granular level the entire lifecycle of a client, from the first point of contact, to nurturing them as a prospect until they are ready to purchase, and then bringing clarity, management, and insight to the entire sales process; and then once the prospect becomes a client, to effectively manage the customer service so that you have a customer for life, or even better a fanatical fan who becomes a walking advertisement for your business.

Why CRM is a Necessity

In today’s competitive marketplace, attempting to grow a successful practice without a strong focus on CRM is an impossibility. Growth and success require that you stay on top of every prospect, every ‘Touch’ opportunity, and every client interaction, all while prioritizing each client contact and watching your budget.

Where Traditional CRMs Fail to Meet the Needs of Private Healthcare Practice

The first failure point for a traditional CRM is the issue of scale or size of the enterprise. A small practice, solo practitioner, or new start-up health practice does not have the same complex organizational needs as a business even just three times its size. For instance, if I am a Physical Therapist just seeing my third patient, I don’t need software designed to organize Proctor & Gamble’s sales force or their customer service department. What I need is a tailored CRM that addresses the 15 or so things that I need to do each day to attract new clients, set more appointments, manage my patient data, and grow a successful practice.

The 6 areas where traditional CRMs fail to meet the needs of Private Healthcare Practices are:

  1. Traditional CRM software is designed to generalize –Everything for Everyone
  2. They address the needs of typical Businesses with ordinary roles and departments
  3. They are not Patient Focused nor Healthcare Specific
  4. Sales Forces Automation? I Don’t have a sales force. I don’t need it.
  5. Customer Service? I don’t do customer service. I treat patients. Next patient please!
  6. Dis-integration with all my other practice software. And this provides the fatal blow

In short, after I have completely gutted my traditional CRM of all the useless functionality designed to organize ordinary businesses, what am I left with? –we will answer this in a moment, but we still have some fatal flaws common to every CRM today.

As a healthcare provider I don’t sell anything, so I don’t have a sales force. My business is not manufacturing and selling widgets but treating patients, so right at the outset, I’ve eliminated the two biggest reasons businesses deploy a CRM; that of sales automation and customer service.

Need For a Healthcare Specific CRM

Appointment Scheduling, Clinical EMR, Medical Billing, HIPAA Compliance, etc.

As a healthcare provider my business is treating patients, and of necessity I need patient treatment software known as clinical EMR or Electronic Medical Record software. When I’m done providing treatment, I need to bill the patient or bill their insurance (or both), so I also need Medical Billing Software. I must meet strict HIPAA compliance at all times, and then at the end of it all, I also need a basic accounting software such a QuickBooks to keep track of my income, expenses, and tax reporting.

Doctor explaining medical chart to senior womanSo far I’m counting 3 separate software (not including the CRM), and each is absolutely mission critical to my operation. That’s potentially 3 separate patient databases, and I’m talking about adding a fourth one, so including the CRM, I’m potentially looking at four separate databases. Crazy right? Right. Oy vey!

The critical point where all traditional CRMs fail to meet the needs of healthcare practices is that at best all they can ever do look across the room and wave hello to my Practice Management software. Traditional CRMs were never designed to manage Healthcare, so they can never achieve the fine clarity and granular detail they are able to achieve in an ordinary business setting.

As a healthcare provider, I need a single software, operating from a single database, that does 3-5 mission-critical operations. Today’s CRMs do not need to record patient treatment, bill Medicare, or maintain HIPAA compliance.

Large companies too are faced with this challenge of having disparate systems speak with each other, and it can be a point of huge management inefficiency and revenue loss, but large companies have the resources to bring it together –whereas the healthcare provider just starting out in private practice does not.

So, we’ve identified several things: One, that to be successful marketing my practice, implementing CRM software is essential and smart. Two, that I don’t need 3/4ths of the functionally of a traditional CRM, which was never designed to practice healthcare anyway.

So as a medical practitioner, what is it that I truly need in a CRM?

  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Management
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Management (email, newsletter, text, phone, etc.)
  • CRM Driven Patient Portal
  • Seamless INTEGRATION with ALL my other Practice Software

What is Medical CRM Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing Automation is lead generation, lead nurturing, and marketing campaign management that you set and forget. Great marketing automation software syncs with your website, and then based on simple rules that you create, allows you to send out the right message, to the right person, at the right time. For instance, a prospect or client visits your website and clicks on the link to read your ‘fitness program’ article. Using marketing automation software, you don’t have to lift a finger to reach out to them because the right email, newsletter, or text message has already been sent out. Practices that use Marketing Automation can see a 300% increase in customer follow through.

What is Medical CRM for Social Media Management?

EMR for social media management gives you the ability to manage all your social media accounts from a single dashboard, and to push comments and posts to your Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other account. For instance, imagine being able to push a great comment from a client, fan, or even an anonymous website visitor to Twitter, G+, and Facebook in a single click. Nice.

What is Medical CRM for Multi-Channel Campaign Management?

The goal here is what is known as Closed-Loop-Marketing. Closed loop marketing provides the control and intelligence to understand which campaign is producing which results, so you can effectively manage your marketing dollars. Imagine being able to clearly see whether an new client appointment was the result of one of several concurrent email campaigns, a website visitor who downloaded your article, or someone who recently left a positive comment on your blog that got there by a google ad. Way cool.

What is a Medical CRM Driven Patient Portal?

Almost every medical professional in private practice today has a business website, but does it have the ability to provision a HIPAA complaint account for your patients so they can interact with your practice, pay open patient balances, purchase supplements and supplies, schedule appointments with your office, request lab results, ask questions about treatment, get referrals, or easily cancel or reschedule appointments so that costly no-shows are avoided?

What we’ve just described is an ordinary plain-Jane Patient Portal. Here’s the one on steroids: Imagine your patient clicks on one of the articles in your new Patient Reading Library. It’s an article that you recently wrote on healing skin disorders through natural homeopathic treatment which patients can do themselves at home. Imagine five minutes later, a time when you know your patient’s interest on the matter is at its highest, without your lifting a finger, your patient receives a half-off-your-first-purchase coupon with which they turn around and order the treatment supplies and self-treatment guide from your website. Your staff was just notified to call first thing Monday morning to set up an appointment so you can review the patient’s condition. It is 2am on a Friday night and your sound asleep. –that’s a CRM Driven Patient Portal.


It is almost unimaginable that that up until now an entire industry has had no industry specific CRM Software; a Medical CRMthat does exactly what medical professionals need it to do, with a simple user experience –and where no technical expertise is required to setup campaigns or create rules. The need here is so fundamental that it is an absolute requirement for the success of a growing practice – a Medical CRM is something a practice desiring to thrive cannot live without it.

The good news is that there finally exist a Medical Marketing CRM Software designed specifically for Private Practice Healthcare, one that does everything a small practice needs and more. PracticeSuite®, a name known and trusted for advanced Practice Management Software offers the first standard-setting industry specific Medical CRM designed for the sole purpose of helping practices of any size grow to their max potential and reach success.

The PracticeSuite Growth360® CRM is a complete Practice Management System that seamlessly manages Appointment Scheduling, Clinical EMR, Medical Billing, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, Lead Followup, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Inventory, Patient Portal, Online Commerce, Compliance, and that Interfaces with your General Ledger such as QuickBooks or Peachtree.

One platform, one database, one solution, from a single trusted provider.

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