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The Practice Management Weekly Digest: ICD-10 Pilot, Web-based Billing, EHR Deaths

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Accuracy of coding in ICD-10 pilot varies, report says

Researchers for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society found that ICD-10 coding accuracy varied widely by type of medical condition. Along with the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange, the society has produced a 54-page report with the results of a national pilot program that took place from April to the end of August. The coders in the program produced accurate coding less than two-thirds of the time.

5 ICD-10 takeaways from the front of the pack

Based on three articles reporting on hospitals in the midst of their ICD-10 transitions, Government Health IT offers five lessons learned: embrace technology, hire enough help, use dual coding as a training tool, look for ICD-9 codes in unlikely places (like spreadsheets), and record your ICD-9 baseline before the transition (so not all claim rejections are blamed on ICD-10).

Preparing for the Productivity Gap: Protecting Your Revenue When ICD-10 Goes Live

Since coder productivity levels in Canada still have not returned to those seen in the ICD-9 days, CFOs and other healthcare leaders must prepare for a significant dip during the transition. Among other things, this article suggests being proactive about boosting resources. The author suggests adding coders now before those resources become unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Benefits of web-based medical billing

This article hits many of the highlights, including saving money, greater flexibility, real-time data access, and secure servers to help with HIPAA compliance. It even describes what you should look for in a cloud-based medical billing service: a company that’s responsible, financially strong, and efficient.

Deaths at VA hospital blamed on poor EHR use

Better care documentation, communication, and physical ED design would have affected the outcome for three patients at Memphis VA Medical Center, according to the Veterans Administration Inspector General. In one case, an ED patient told the triage nurse of an aspirin allergy, and it was entered into the digital record, but a physician later wrote a paper order for an anti-inflammatory containing aspirin, missing the alert that would have contraindicated the drug. The patient died from the subsequent allergic reaction.

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