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July Newsletter – THE PULSE – PracticeSuite

THE PULSE - Newsletter


By: Trey Wilson, CRO

To better serve you, our valued clients, PracticeSuite has partnered with ABILITY Clearinghouse to provide PracticeSuite users integrated access to an advanced payer validation rules engine. This integrated claim editing and payer validation process will streamline billing workflow and reduce costly errors prior to claim submission to the clearinghouse. Clean claims will get to payers more quickly, with paid claims averaging 99%. Within PracticeSuite, claims will validate against payer rules, clearinghouse edits, and custom business rule edits before leaving PracticeSuite’s billing system….. Read more


By: Anna Monsour

How can we prepare for the next wave of COVID-19? As a resident of Texas, we were one of the first states to launch quickly into the phased approach of re-opening…

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By: Fareed Taghvaee

H13. KPI Dashboard Report
A new report on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard added to Reports Central. This is a high level performance report that captures the health of the Practice and provides a bird’s eye view…

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By: Michael Sculley

New within the PracticeSuite EHR is electronic fax communications from Updox. The centralized fax management capabilities are Impressive allowing you to send,…

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