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7 Best Prior Authorization Solutions: Availity

2019 Best Prior Authorization Solutions: Availity

It may be impossible to name any task more unpleasant than waiting on hold with an insurance carrier in an attempt to obtain prior authorization for a patient procedure, referral, or medication. In our prior authorization review of the best solutions for 2019, we’ve ranked seven vendors as top options to help physician practices automate and speed up pre authorization for their patients. Second on our list of top 7 prior authorization solutions for 2019 is Availity.

Here, we provide an in depth review of our #2 choice, Availity Authorization Solution.

Pros of Availity

The Availity platform automates the prior authorization process, making it faster and easier to receive confirmation from health plans. Historically a leader in EDI services, with its acquisition of FORE Support Services out of El Paso, TX, Availity now offers prior authorization automation. Instead of waiting days and following up via phone, fax, and email, a practice can determine almost immediately whether an authorization is required, submit it, and receive status confirmation. If an authorization cannot be obtained automatically, the solution helps the provider’s team answer clinical questions by automating the remaining steps. When needed, you can also to talk to an experienced pre-certification support professional.

Cons of Availity Prior Authorization Platform

If there are any cons about the application, it would be for more payers to adopt electronic determination of benefits so that the process was streamlined for more plans and more patient scenarios. But more and more insurance payers are adopting EDI standards for electronic transactions.


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