Measure Your Own Scheduling Performance

How many patients is it POSSIBLE for you to see each day?
How many actual patients DO you see each day?
What is your average claim $ total per visit?
What is the average copay collected per visit?
By what percentage(%) can you improve your appointment booking rate,
no-show rate, or cancellation rate?
(If you do not know, assume a conservative 20%)

Below are important scheduling performance and revenue impact
metrics that have been calculated based on the information you provided above.

This score shows how well you utilize the appointment opportunities you have available to you. The higher the score, the better. If you happen to always see more patients than you schedule (perhaps due to walk-ins), then only enter your scheduled
patient information.

Scheduling Efficiency Score:
Expected Monthly Increase in Claim $:
Expected Monthly Increase in Cash Collections:
Expected Total Monthly Revenue Increase:
Expected Total Yearly Revenue Increase:

This calculation assumes 20 clinic days on average. Results will vary based on your unique situation.

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