A Comprehensive Medical Practice Software Solution

PracticeSuite is a Cloud Based Medical Practice Software Companythat offers a comprehensive suite of Practice Scheduling, Medical Billing and Electronic Health Record to physicians and allied healthcare professionals in private practices across +150 Medical Billing Specialties and +61 EHR Specialties in 50 states. Our software is offered as an on-demand or cloud computing subscription service where doctors and staff can add or subtract features instantly, as needed, on demand.

At PracticeSuite, our vision is simple: To improve the revenue of private practices, reduce errors and omissions, to improve care, improve the practice’s profitability and thereby – at a macro level – transform the health and well-being of our medical communities and the lives they touch. We recognize that the national healthcare system cannot be overhauled unless the needs of over 1,400,000 licensed health practitioners that account for over 70% of the nation’s healthcare providers are first addressed.

Based in Silicon Valley in California, PracticeSuite is passionate and committed to addressing the larger issues surrounding private practices in our healthcare system. Driven by the vision to create a simple solution for complex problems, the PracticeSuite leadership team works closely with our channel partners and end-users to constantly improve our technology and value. With the KAIZEN model in mind, we believe the best software is created when driven by actual user requirements and in an atmosphere of constant improvement.

We pay close attention to our client’s needs and requests; as a result, over 95% of monthly software releases are actual requests from our existing clients. We also recognize that EHR adoption be can a painful and invasive process for some; therefore we collaborate with our physicians to embrace this change, and as a team we deliver premium support and immense value to our doctors and their staff.

PracticeSuite’s team of 85 men and women are driven by customer satisfaction to do whatever is required to on-board new clients while providing excellent support and service to our existing clients and partners.. Everyone in our company has one single agenda: to take care of the customer first; everything we do at PracticeSuite MUST create value for our customers.