Practicesuite is a fully integrated occupational therapy practice management and billing software designed to make occupational therapy management fast and simple. Integrating scheduling, documentation and financial applications eliminate the need for costly interfaces and dual data entry and also reduce billing errors and accelerate the process of recording patient data.
It's easy to get started - there is no software to buy, no servers to install, no backups to set up, no data to maintain, and no additional IT staff to hire. If you have a computer that can access the internet, you can use Practicesuite.

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Practicesuite occupational therapy management and medical billing software is tailored to meet the growing needs of occupational therapy providers nationwide. We offer an affordable, intuitive, Internet-based practice management and medical billing software solution which utilizes superior SaaS technology to deliver feature-rich applications with high-quality customer support. Our product is designed to optimize the clinical and financial workflow for any type of healthcare organization, resulting in increased revenue and net profit improvement.

PracticeSuite can provide the following occupational therapy specific features and benefits to take care your practice.    

  • Right billing software that is simple, easy and affordable
  • Check patient insurance eligibility before providing service
  • Ability to process co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles at point of care before the service is provided
  • Integrated Patient Scheduling System
  • PracticeSuite optional EHR or electronic documentation system to capture therapy documentation to improve efficiency of your care and ensure adequate documentation
  • PracticeSuite optional EHR system allows easily retrieving prior visit information and also comparing pain grading, ROM and other metrics
  • PracticeSuite optional EHR features fast and easy documentation using point and click, dictation, typing or handwriting, whichever way is convenient for you
  • Insurance companies won't deny your claims because they are filed with correct information the very first time
  • Reimbursement is maximized by using modifiers and proper coding
  • Simple Patient Intake / Registration Form
  • Custom fee slip or superbill with accurate diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Legal forms such as Assignment of benefits, HIPAA forms
  • Easily configure New patient Questionnaire form
  • Good Fee slip that's easy to read and understand
  • Service level and therapy codes are properly chosen based on the type of insurance and payer specific requirements
  • Appropriate Modifiers are applied to maximize billing
  • Patient Statement that clearly explain their portions
  • Claims are validated by applying the proper rules of the claims scrubbing as local, national and Medicare guidelines such as CCI edits and LDC rules
  • Appropriate use of Modifier like -59 and -22 for patients who require extra care and take more time. Use of service -52 for reduced service levels, making proper use of Modifier -59 to prevent insurance audit
  • Claims are generated and submitted electronically
  • If claims are not paid in set threshold limit usually within 21 days for electronic and 45 days for paper, the claims is automatically pushed to our collections manager and queued for follow-up
  • Ability to generate Appeal Letter for denials
  • ERA: Electronic Remittance Advice for electronic EOB and electronic deposit of reimbursements
  • Patient Statements are automatically generated for balances owed by the patient
  • System generated collections warning letters for non-payment of patient portion with the ability to override and create payment plans
  • Ability to setup CASH / SELF-PAY patient easily and provide necessary receipts for the payments
  • Ability to setup CASH / SELF-PAY special pricing and discount for up front payments
  • Setup template letters to communicate with Insurance companies and patients
  • PracticeSuite is HIPAA Compliant Software
  • Generate productivity reports such as monthly charges, payments, monthly payments, aging by payer, by financial class by date, month, quarter or year
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities that allows you measure the health of your practice in real-time over the web from the convenience of your home or office

Accounts Receivable Reports:

  • Insurance Aging Report
  • Patient Aging Report
  • Detailed Aging Report
  • Insurance collections summary
  • Insurance collections detail
  • Patient collections summary
  • Patient collections detail
  • Denial Summary Report

Productivity Reports:

  • Insurance productivity
  • Provider productivity
  • Procedure Productivity

Patients Report:

  • Patient Ledger
  • Patient balance summary
  • Patient balance detail
  • Patient referrals summary
  • Patient insurance authorization

ICD-10 Occupational Therapy Superbill Example

Appointment Date & Time: Last Seen Date:
Patient: Gender: DOB: MR# Pat Due: INS Due:
Address: Reason:
Home Phone: Cell Phone: E-Mail:
Case Name: Case No: Case Type: Case Date:
Pr Insurance: Member ID: Co-Pay Amount: Deductible:
Rendering Provider: PCP: Referring Provider:

CPT Code Description CPT Code Description CPT Code Description
97003 Occupational therapy evaluation 97140 Manual therapy techniques 92605 Total wound(s) surface area greater than 50square centimeters
97004 Occupational therapy re-evaluation 97150 Therapeutic procedure(s), group 92606 Low frequency, non-contact, non-thermalultrasound, including topical application(s), when performed, wound assessment, and instruction(s) for ongoing care, per day
97010 Application of a modality to one or more areas; hot or cold packs 97530 Therapeutic activities, direct patient contact , each 15 minutes 92610 Physical performance test or measurement with written report, each 15 minutes
97014 Electrical stimulation (unattended) 97532 Development of cognitive skills to improve attention, memory, problem solving,direct patient contact, each 15 minutes 92611 Assistive technology assessment direct one-on-one contact, with written report, each 15 minutes 97760 Orthotic(s) management and training upper extremity(s), lower extremity(s)and/or trunk, each 15 minutes
97016 Vasopneumatic devices 97533 Sensory integrative techniques to enhance sensory processing and promote adaptive responses to environmental demands, direct patient contact, each 15 minutes 92612 Prosthetic training, upper and/or lower extremity(s),each 15 minutes
97018 Paraffin bath 97535 Self-care/home management training direct one contact, each 15 minutes 92613 Checkout for orthotic/prosthetic use, established patient, each 15 minutes
97022 Whirlpool 97537 Community/work reintegration training direct one-on-one contact, each 15 minutes 92614 Unlisted physical medicine/rehabilitation service or procedure
97024 Diathermy (eg, microwave) 97542 Wheelchair management each 15 minutes 92615 Treatment of swallowing dysfunction and/or oral function for feeding
97026 Infrared 97545 Work hardening/conditioning; initial 2 hours 95831 Evaluation for prescription of non-speechgenerating augmentative and alternative communication device, face-to-face with the patient,first hour
97028 Ultraviolet 97597 Debridement,open wound,including topical

Application(s), wound assessment, use of a

Whirlpool, when performed and instruction(s) for
 Ongoing care, per session, total wound(s) surface
 Area: first 20 sq cm or less
95832 Therapeutic service(s) for the use of non-speechgenerating device, including programming and modification
97032 Application of a modality to one or more areas;electrical stimulation (manual), each 15 minutes 97602 Removal of devitalized tissue from wound(s), non selective debridement, without anesthesia ,including topical pplication(s), wound assessment,and instruction(s) for ongoing care, per session 95833 Evaluation of oral and pharyngeal swallowing function
97033 Iontophoresis, each 15 minutes 97605 Negative pressure wound therapy including topical

Application(s), wound assessment, and

Instruction(s) for ongoing care, per session; total

Wound(s) surface area less than or equal to 50

Canalith repositioning procedure(s) (eg, Epleymaneuver, Semont maneuver), per day.

Unlisted therapeutic procedure (specify)
95834 Motion fluoroscopic evaluation of swallowing function by cine or video recording
97034 Contrast baths, each 15 minutes 97606 Ongoing care, per session, total wound(s) surface 95851 Flexible fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation ofswallowing by cine or video recording
97035 Ultrasound, each 15 minutes 97610 Area: first 20 sq cm or less" 95992 Interpretation and report only
97036 Hubbard tank, each 15 minutes 97750 Removal of devitalized tissue from wound(s), non selective debridement, without anesthesia ,including topical pplication(s), wound assessment,and instruction(s) for ongoing care, per session 96110 Flexible fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation, laryngeal sensory testing by cine or video recording
97039 Unlisted modality (specify type and time if constant attendance) 97755 "Negative pressure wound therapy including topical 96125 Interpretation and report only
97110 Therapeutic procedure, one or more areas, each 15minutes; therapeutic exercises to develop strength and endurance, range of motion and flexibility 97761 Application(s), wound assessment, and 96150 Muscle testing, manual (separate procedure) with report; extremity (excluding hand) or trunk
97112 Neuromuscular reeducation of movement,balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense,posture, and/or proprioception for sitting and/or standing activities 97762 Instruction(s) for ongoing care, per session; total 96151 Hand, with or without comparison with normal side
97113 Aquatic therapy with therapeutic exercises 97799 Wound(s) surface area less than or equal to 50 96152 Total evaluation of body, excluding hands
97116 Gait training (includes stair climbing) 96155 Canalith repositioning procedure(s) (eg, Epleymaneuver, Semont maneuver), per day. 96153 Total evaluation of body, including hands
97124 Massage, including effleurage, petrissage and/or tapotement 97139 Unlisted therapeutic procedure (specify) 96154 Range of motion measurements and report each extremity or each trunk section

ICD-10 Description ICD-10 Description ICD-10 Description
M24.50 Contracture, unspecified joint F81.9 Developmental disorder of scholastic skills, unspecified Q02 Microcephaly
M25.60 Stiffness of unspecified joint, not elsewhere classified F89 Unspecified disorder of psychological development Q03.0 Malformations of aqueduct of Sylvius
M62.50 Muscle wasting and atrophy, not elsewhere classified, unspecified site Z73.82 Dual sensory impairment Q03.1 Atresia of foramina of Magendie and Luschka
M24.20 Disorder of ligament, unspecified site G03.9 Meningitis, unspecified Q03.8 Other congenital hydrocephalus
M35.7 Hypermobility syndrome G04.90 Encephalitis and encephalomyelitis, unspecified Q04.5 Megalencephaly
M62.40 Contracture of muscle, unspecified site G04.91 Myelitis, unspecified Q04.6 Congenital cerebral cysts
M62.838 Other muscle spasm G04.89 Other myelitis Q04.8 Other specified congenital malformations of brain
M62.81 Muscle weakness (generalized) F84.2 Rett's syndrome Q67.8 Other congenital deformities of chest
M62.9 Disorder of muscle, unspecified G31.81 Alpers disease Q68.1 Congenital deformity of finger(s) and hand
M21.90 Unspecified acquired deformity of unspecified limb G31.82 Leigh's disease Q74.3 Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita
R56.9 Unspecified convulsions G94 Other disorders of brain in diseases classified elsewhere Q78.0 Osteogenesis imperfecta
G93.3 Postviral fatigue syndrome G91.1 Obstructive hydrocephalus Q90.9 Down syndrome, unspecified
R53.1 Weakness G31.9 Degenerative disease of nervous system, unspecified Q99.9 Chromosomal abnormality, unspecified
R53.81 Other malaise G80.3 Athetoid cerebral palsy Q85.1 Tuberous sclerosis
R53.83 Other fatigue G12.1 Other inherited spinal muscular atrophy Q87.1 Congenital malformation syndromes predominantly associated with short stature
R25.0 Abnormal head movements G35 Multiple sclerosis Q99.2 Fragile X chromosome
R25.1 Tremor, unspecified G81.90 Hemiplegia, unspecified affecting unspecified side E78.71 Barth syndrome
R25.2 Cramp and spasm G81.91 Hemiplegia, unspecified affecting right dominant side E78.72 Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
R25.3 Fasciculation G81.92 Hemiplegia, unspecified affecting left dominant side Q87.2 Congenital malformation syndromes predominantly involving limbs
R25.9 Unspecified abnormal involuntary movements G81.93 Hemiplegia, unspecified affecting right nondominant side Q87.3 Congenital malformation syndromes involving early overgrowth
R26.0 Ataxic gait G81.94 Hemiplegia, unspecified affecting left nondominant side Q87.5 Other congenital malformation syndromes with other skeletal changes
R26.1 Paralytic gait G80.1 Spastic diplegic cerebral palsy Q87.81 Alport syndrome
R26.89 Other abnormalities of gait and mobility G80.2 Spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy Q87.89 Other specified congenital malformation syndromes, not elsewhere classified
R26.9 Unspecified abnormalities of gait and mobility G80.0 Spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy Q89.8 Other specified congenital malformations
R27.0 Ataxia, unspecified G80.8 Other cerebral palsy P04.3 Newborn (suspected to be) affected by maternal use of alcohol
R27.8 Other lack of coordination G80.9 Cerebral palsy, unspecified Q86.0 Fetal alcohol syndrome (dysmorphic)
R27.9 Unspecified lack of coordination G82.50 Quadriplegia, unspecified Q85.00 Neurofibromatosis, unspecified
R29.3 Abnormal posture G82.20 Paraplegia, unspecified E84.9 Cystic fibrosis, unspecified
R29.818 Other symptoms and signs involving the nervous system G83.0 Diplegia of upper limbs E76.01 Hurler's syndrome
R29.898 Other symptoms and signs involving the musculoskeletal system G83.9 Paralytic syndrome, unspecified E76.03 Scheie's syndrome
R29.90 Unspecified symptoms and signs involving the nervous system G40.901 Epilepsy, unspecified, not intractable, with status epilepticus E76.1 Mucopolysaccharidosis, type II
R29.91 Unspecified symptoms and signs involving the musculoskeletal system G40.909 Epilepsy, unspecified, not intractable, without status epilepticus E76.219 Morquio mucopolysaccharidoses, unspecified
R62.50 Unspecified lack of expected normal physiological development in childhood G93.1 Anoxic brain damage, not elsewhere classified E76.22 Sanfilippo mucopolysaccharidoses
R62.0 Delayed milestone in childhood G93.40 Encephalopathy, unspecified E76.29 Other mucopolysaccharidoses
R48.1 Agnosia G96.9 Disorder of central nervous system, unspecified E76.3 Mucopolysaccharidosis, unspecified
R48.2 Apraxia G71.2 Congenital myopathies F84.0 Autistic disorder
R48.8 Other symbolic dysfunctions G71.0 Muscular dystrophy F84.5 Asperger's syndrome
F98.4 Stereotyped movement disorders M08.00 Unspecified juvenile rheumatoid arthritis of unspecified site F84.8 Other pervasive developmental disorders
F82 Specific developmental disorder of motor function M43.6 Torticollis F90.9 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, unspecified type
F88 Other disorders of psychological development Q05.8 Sacral spina bifida without hydrocephalus F90.0 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly inattentive type
F90.1 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly hyperactive type F90.9 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, unspecified type F81.89 Other developmental disorders of scholastic skills
F90.2 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined type F90.8 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, other type H54.7 Unspecified visual loss
F81.81 Disorder of written expression V89.2XXA Person injured in unspecified motor-vehicle accident, traffic, initial encounter    
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