Practicesuite is a fully integrated mental health practice management / mental health billing and mental health SOAP / EHR Software designed to meet the unique needs of mental health specialty. PracticeSuite behavioral health billing and EMR software automates the complete workflow from patient scheduling to payment. As an integrated one system, it reduces redundant data entry between billing and clinical process, eliminates omission and ensure all charges are billed and accounted for accurately. The clinical documentation is easy and simple to capture, and quick access to previous visits makes it easy and effective to provide patient care. Most importantly, PracticeSuite is most affordable, comprehensive, state-of-the-art one comprehensive system in the market.

PracticeSuite is a fully web-based, cloud based mental health EHR. It's easy to get started and simple to manage- there is no expensive software license to buy, no servers to install, no backups to set up, no data to maintain, and no additional IT staff to hire. All you need is simple desktop with an internet connection. It works across multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and works across multiple operating systems like Windows, MAC, UNIX, and Linux etc.

Practicesuite mental health management and medical billing software is tailored to meet the unique needs of mental health providers. PracticeSuite offers an affordable, intuitive, internet-based / cloud based practice management and medical billing software solution that utilizes superior SaaS technology platform to deliver feature-rich applications with hi-touch customer support.

PracticeSuite's behavioral health billing software is intuitive and seamlessly integrates with the full EHR suite. Our EHR billing software gives your practice complete control over billing, claims and receivables. Built on latest state-of-the-art technology with many powerful features designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your medical billing and Clinical processes.

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Coding Software for Medical Billing, Clinical EHR, and Practice Management. Get the right codes quickly with PracticeSuite!

Practicesuite is easy-to-use, template free, fully and easy customizable to suit your personal style of practice and clinical documentation. Your unique vocabulary and specific terminology can be added to the software on the fly while charting. The mental health soap note layout enables the provider to eloquently capture encounter. The ability to chart using custom-built consultation sheets will help you match your conventional paper based charting style to make it easier and faster to transition from paper to electronic. You can review the patient visit history, and other pertinent medical information at point-of-care with minimal effort.

PracticeSuite can provide the following Mental Health specific features and benefits to take care your practice.

  • Simple, Intuitive, Easy and meets the specific needs of Mental Health practitioners
  • Ability to process co-pays, coinsurance, and point of care and print instant receipt
  • Integrated Patient Scheduling System
  • Instant Eligibility Verification including Medicare, State Medicaid and other private payers
  • Unlimited Users
  • Easily create multiple financial case on a patient to distinguish between various different type of billing such as Cash, MVA, Auto-Accident, Insurance, Medicaid etc
  • Easy entry of procedure codes, bundled codes, and modifiers
  • Includes full ICD look and ability to create favorite list of ICD and CPT codes
  • Full suite of reports to measure financial health of your practice
  • Reduce denials with accurate claims with required information
  • Reimbursement is maximized by using modifiers and proper coding
  • Simple Patient Intake/Registration Form
  • Custom fee slip or superbill with accurate diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Legal forms such as Assignment of benefits, HIPAA forms
  • Easily configure New patient Questionnaire form
  • Good Fee slip that's easy to read and understand
  • Easy to chose service level and therapy codes based on the type of insurance and payer specific requirements
  • Track No. of Visit, Used, Left
  • Track Authorization and its expiration
  • Easy to select appropriate Modifiers to maximize billing accuracy
  • Patient Statement that clearly explain their portions
  • Claims validation engine that validates by applying the proper rules of the claims scrubbing as local, national and Medicare guidelines such as CCI edits and LDC rules
  • Easy to select appropriate use of Modifier like -59 and -22 for patients who require extra cares and take more time. Easy to use of service -52 for reduced service levels. Easy to preselect on use of Modifier -59 and tie with appropriate procedure to prevent insurance audit
  • Claims are generated and submitted electronically
  • If claims are not paid within set threshold limit usually within 21 days for electronic and 45 days for paper, the claims is automatically pushed to the Collections Workbench and queued for follow-up action
  • Denied claims are automatically pushed to the Collections Workbench for follow-up and action so that it does not slip through the cracks
  • Ability to generate Appeal Letter for denials
  • ERA: Electronic Remittance Advice for bulk check posting, electronic EOB and electronic deposit of reimbursements
  • Patient Statements are automatically generated for balances owed by the patient
  • System generated collections warning letters for non-payment of patient portion with the ability to override and create payment plans
  • Ability to setup CASH / SELF-PAY special pricing and discount for upfront payments
  • Setup template letters to communicate with Insurance companies and patients
  • Generate productivity reports such as monthly charges, payments, monthly payments, aging by payer, by financial class by date, month, quarter or year

Powerful Reporting Capabilities that allows you measure the health of your practice in real-time over the web from the convenience of your home or office:

Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Insurance Aging Report
  • Patient Aging Report
  • Detailed Aging Report
  • Insurance collections summary
  • Insurance collections detail
  • Patient collections summary
  • Patient collections detail
  • Denial Summary Report  

Productivity Reports

  • Insurance productivity
  • Provider productivity
  • Procedure Productivity

Patients Reports

  • Patient Ledger
  • Patient balance summary
  • Patient balance detail
  • Patient referrals summary
  • Patient insurance authorization

Why Mental Health Billing is different from Medical Billing?

Patient care workflow of Mental Health Practice is very different when it comes to scheduling, billing and progress note documentation. Their software needs are unique and is not as complex as a medical practice. Therefore, it is important to have the right software that is geared toward Mental practice. The software must have various features in each of these key areas.

On the scheduling side:

  • Visit and authorization expiration alerts
  • Ability to check instant insurance eligibility
  • Generate missed and canceled appointment letters
  • Recall letters

On the billing side:

  • Ability to ensure proper mental health related modifiers are populated
  • Ability to track number of visits and authorizations
  • Ability to check eligibility

On the Progress Notes/ SOAP Notes:

  • Ability to easily generate SOAP note for new patient, follow-up, daily notes etc
  • Ability to capture progress note with specific progress in goal and treatments
  • Flow sheets to monitor the progress and outcome of treatment
  • Ability to easily scan paper registration forms, consent forms, HIPPA form, assignment forms, and other clinical images into the patient chart for easy access
  • Easy to eFax progress notes to insurance companies and referring physicians

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Coding Software for Medical Billing, Clinical EHR, and Practice Management. Get the right codes quickly with PracticeSuite!

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Coding Software for Medical Billing, Clinical EHR, and Practice Management. Get the right codes quickly with PracticeSuite!