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HIPAA Secure, Fortune 500 Cloud Technology

Complete Electronic ICD9, ICD10 Dual Mode Billing Software
Billing Software
Number of Users (Limit, one free account per organization)
Single User
One Comprehensive System, One Database, From a Single Trusted Source
Billing Software
Works on Windows, Android, Mac, Linux - any OS
Billing Software
Works on IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox - any Browser
Billing Software
Works on Tablet, iPad, Desktop and Laptop - any Device
Billing Software

Fees: 100% Free

Permanently Free. No Purchase Required
Billing Software
Month-to-Month, No Contract, Just Sign Up and Begin Billing!
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No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee – Truly 100% FREE
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ICD-10 Features

ICD9, ICD10 Dual Model Billing Software
Billing Software
Print Old Claim Form, or the New Dual Mode Form, ICD9 / ICD10
Billing Software
ICD10 Super-Bill Convertor (View Only)
Billing Software

Availability & Compliance

99.9% Uptime
Billing Software
HIPAA Secure Backup, Storage, and Encrypted Transmission
Billing Software
Cloud Based - 100% of Online Data HIPAA Compliance Our Responsibility
Billing Software
You Maintain Complete Control of Your Data. Export to Excel/CSV
Billing Software
HIPAA, HITECH, OMNIBUS, PCI, and 5010 Compliant
Billing Software

Patient Privacy & Practice Privacy Safeguards

No Ads. No Server Intrusion. No Pattern/Usage Tracking
Billing Software
No Alliance with Big Pharma Data Mining
Billing Software
No Third Party Data Analysis or Data Sharing of Any Kind
Billing Software

Electronic Claims

Submit 25 Electronic Commercial Claims Per Month at No Charge
Billing Software
Print 25 Paper Claims Per Month
Billing Software
Manage a Cash Practice upto to 25 visits per month
Billing Software

Access, Security, Backup and Storage

Secure Data Storage Using Enterprise Class Systems – ORACLE / LINUX/ JAVA / HTML-5
Billing Software
Secure Data Backup: Incremental (Every 5 Minutes), Full (Daily)
Billing Software

Unmatched Customer Service

Unlimited Phone Support, Email, Instant Chat
Billing Software
Online Training Webinars
Billing Software
Convenient and Exhaustive Step-by-Step Video Instruction
Billing Software
Strong Online Documentation - Frequency Asked Questions Diary
Billing Software
Customer Request Tracking Portal - Real-Time Access to your support requests
Billing Software
Instant Customer Satisfaction Survey 
Billing Software
Quarterly release of new features desired by customers 
Billing Software

Front Office: Appointment Scheduler Key Features  Front Office: Appointment Scheduler Key Features  click to expan

Billing Software Search for Patients or Appointment Times Instantly

Billing Software Set Recurring Appointments

Billing Software Customize Appointment Color by Type and Length

Billing Software View Scheduler by Day, Week, Month

Billing Software Comprehensive Patient Ledger and Demographics

Billing Software Print Superbills. View & Print Schedule Remotely

Billing Software Print Patient’s Future Appointments

Billing Software View Appointment Hx

Claim Management & Financial Reporting  Claim Management & Financial Reporting  click to expan

Billing Software Summary A/R by Payer

Billing Software Detailed A/R by Payer

Billing Software Summary A/R by Patient/Guarantor

Billing Software Practice Financial Summary (Charges, Payments, Adjustments)

Claim Management & Financial Reporting  Billing Office: Key Features  click to expan

Billing Software Manage Multiple Cases: Self-Pay, PI, WC, and MVA

Billing Software Connectivity to National Payer Base of Over 1500 Payers

Billing Software Generate 25 Patient Statements

Billing Software  Print 10 Secondary Paper Claims

Billing Software Single Insurance Contract / Fee Schedule

Billing Software Payment & Adjustment Posting

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Medical Billing Software Features:


PracticeSuite's Enterprise Edition offers unparalleled Practice Management features created especially with the needs of serious Medical Billers in mind. Features like Single-Sign-On that allows you to sign into all of your client accounts at once to easily manage their account.


Imagine being able to view all of the key revenue drivers of every client at-a-glance on a single report that shows in real time every key factor of the billing for that account including Cash-Flow Blockers. Then use the same report to view the financial health of your own medical billing business to improve it.


Make mass edits and, assign work cues, and track employee progress quickly and thoroughly using our powerful Collections and Denials Workbench.


Auto posting of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) reduces manual entry and error. ERA's are an electronic EOB (explanation of benefits) that automatically updates your Payments & Adjustments. Most clearinghouses charge a premium for this service. In our free version, you get free Commercial Claims & free Commercial ERA's from over a thousand payers nationwide. In our Premium version this is upgraded to include unlimited Non-Commercial claims and Non-Commercial ERAs, along with the AUTO POSTING, this is a true time saver.


Put your Patient Statements on autopilot using our Patient Statement Services.  Printing your patient statements can cost a practice close to $1 each. Our service does the same work at a 30% savings, not to mention a huge savings in time! Our service prints and mails your statements and includes a return envelope.


Nothing offers the proven Return-on-Investment that Patient Reminders provide! Drastically reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations that eat up your profitability. This service is truly worth its weight in gold.


If your practice has already contracted with an outside statement service, no problem. We offer full data export as a premium service. This allows you the flexibility of sending your data to the statement service of your choosing.

More Medical Billing Software Features!


eFax is a key document management tool that allows you to send and receive faxes internally within the system. It keeps all documents stored within the patient record and lets you fax information in just a few clicks. This is a real time saver and once you've lived with this handy feature, you'll find you can't live without it.  


If you are a Medical Biller who has clients using the PracticeSuite Integrated EMR, you’ll love our eSUPERBILL. When a doctor signs off on an encounter note, our software grabs the CPT Code and Diagnosis Code and automatically creates a charge that is queued in your billing module. This is probably one of our slickest features and it  is a huge time saver that you'll never want to live without once you've used it!