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Web Based Occupational Therapy Billing Software and EHR Software

Occupational Therapy Billing Software

Practicesuite is a fully integrated occupational therapy practice management and billing software designed to make occupational therapy management fast and simple. Integrating scheduling, documentation and financial applications eliminate the need for costly interfaces and dual data entry and also reduce billing errors and accelerate the process of recording patient data.
It's easy to get started - there is no software to buy, no servers to install, no backups to set up, no data to maintain, and no additional IT staff to hire. If you have a computer that can access the internet, you can use Practicesuite. Schedule a demo today to learn more.
Practicesuite occupational therapy management and medical billing software is tailored to meet the growing needs of occupational therapy providers nationwide. We offer an affordable, intuitive, Internet-based practice management and medical billing software solution which utilizes superior SaaS technology to deliver feature-rich applications with high-quality customer support. Our product is designed to optimize the clinical and financial workflow for any type of healthcare organization, resulting in increased revenue and net profit improvement.

PracticeSuite can provide the following occupational therapy specific features and benefits to take care your practice.    


  • Right billing software that is simple, easy and affordable
  • Check patient insurance eligibility before providing service
  • Ability to process co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles at point of care before the service is provided
  • Integrated Patient Scheduling System
  • PracticeSuite optional EHR or electronic documentation system to capture therapy documentation to improve efficiency of your care and ensure adequate documentation
  • PracticeSuite optional EHR system allows easily retrieving prior visit information and also comparing pain grading, ROM and other metrics
  • PracticeSuite optional EHR features fast and easy documentation using point and click, dictation, typing or handwriting, whichever way is convenient for you
  • Insurance companies won't deny your claims because they are filed with correct information the very first time
  • Reimbursement is maximized by using modifiers and proper coding
  • Simple Patient Intake / Registration Form
  • Custom fee slip or superbill with accurate diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Legal forms such as Assignment of benefits, HIPAA forms
  • Easily configure New patient Questionnaire form
  • Good Fee slip that's easy to read and understand
  • Service level and therapy codes are properly chosen based on the type of insurance and payer specific requirements
  • Appropriate Modifiers are applied to maximize billing
  • Patient Statement that clearly explain their portions
  • Claims are validated by applying the proper rules of the claims scrubbing as local, national and Medicare guidelines such as CCI edits and LDC rules
  • Appropriate use of Modifier like -59 and -22 for patients who require extra care and take more time. Use of service -52 for reduced service levels, making proper use of Modifier -59 to prevent insurance audit
  • Claims are generated and submitted electronically
  • If claims are not paid in set threshold limit usually within 21 days for electronic and 45 days for paper, the claims is automatically pushed to our collections manager and queued for follow-up
  • Ability to generate Appeal Letter for denials
  • ERA: Electronic Remittance Advice for electronic EOB and electronic deposit of reimbursements
  • Patient Statements are automatically generated for balances owed by the patient
  • System generated collections warning letters for non-payment of patient portion with the ability to override and create payment plans
  • Ability to setup CASH / SELF-PAY patient easily and provide necessary receipts for the payments
  • Ability to setup CASH / SELF-PAY special pricing and discount for up front payments
  • Setup template letters to communicate with Insurance companies and patients
  • PracticeSuite is HIPAA Compliant Software
  • Generate productivity reports such as monthly charges, payments, monthly payments, aging by payer, by financial class by date, month, quarter or year
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities that allows you measure the health of your practice in real-time over the web from the convenience of your home or office

Accounts Receivable Reports:

  • Insurance Aging Report
  • Patient Aging Report
  • Detailed Aging Report
  • Insurance collections summary
  • Insurance collections detail                             
  • Patient collections summary
  • Patient collections detail
  • Denial Summary Report

Productivity Reports:

  • Insurance productivity
  • Provider productivity
  • Procedure Productivity

Patients Report:

  • Patient Ledger
  • Patient balance summary
  • Patient balance detail
  • Patient referrals summary
  • Patient insurance authorization